Lindsay Wagner and Lea Seydoux are in Death Stranding

Lindsay Wagner and Lea Seydoux are about to get much more famous thanks to Death Stranding.


For three years now we’ve been teased with cryptic trailers for Hideo Kojima’s next game, Death Stranding. Typically, gamers leave more confused than they arrived, and that apparently only adds to the hype. This year, however, we were introduced to Lindsay Wagner and Lea Seydoux, two actors that will play important roles in Death Stranding.

Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner has credits that date back to 1971. Most recently she appeared in television shows like NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy. She has a film career that spans from 1971 to 2018, but her television credits are far more extensive, with the majority of them being TV movies.

For Death Stranding fans that want to follow Lindsay Wagner, there is an unverified Lindsay Wagner Twitter profile, but it claims to be official. There’s also her IMDb profile, and the Lindsay Wagner Wikipedia page. Something tells me that her Twitter won’t be unverified for long.

Lea Seydoux

Lea Seydoux has a much smaller resume when it comes to acting, but she has some notable titles that people will almost certainly recognize. Two that stood out were Inglourious Basterds where she played Charlotte LaPadite, and Robin Hood (2010) where she played Isabella of Angouleme.

Lea Seydoux also has a strong social media presence, but is also still waiting on verification from Twitter. Fans can follow the Lea Seydoux Twitter profile, or even the Lea Seydoux Instagram account. To see a list of her credits, check out the Lea Seydoux IMDb profile.

Even though we know that Lindsay Wagner and Lea Seydoux are in Death Stranding, we don’t know when Death Stranding is coming out. We don’t even know what year it’s coming out. To keep up to date on the games that are confirmed, visit the video game release dates 2018 guide we’ve put together.

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