Partners - Detroit: Become Human

Get 100 percent completion while unlocking all endings for Partners in Detroit: Become Human.


This walkthrough will outline 100 percent completion requirements and all endings for Partners in Detroit: Become Human. That includes finding all 10 pieces of evidence and making the right conversation choices between Connor and Lt. Anderson in Jimmy’s Bar at the start of the chapter.

Partners: 100 Percent Completion

The 100% complete flowchart for Partners.

There are two distinct paths that players can take during the Partners chapter. All lines will lead to either a success or failure with regard to the case at hand, but players who want to earn 100% completion will want to make sure they hit all the biggest investigation highlights before running out of time or before being pressed for time by Hank.

In Front of the Bar

Action Enter Jimmy's bar
Action Face scan customers
Action Face scan Lt. Anderson
Dialog Talk to Lt. Anderson
Choice Buy him another drink
Choice Wait outside
Choice Spill Hank's drink

Connor and Hank Arrive At Scene

Crime Scene
Action Examine Eden Club flyer
Action Examine chair
Action Analyze red ice
Search Analyze baseball bat
Event Reconstruct assault with bat
Search Analyze Carlos' body
Event Reconstruct Carlos' last moments
Action Sample blood
Action Open closet
Action Read "Android Sex"
Action Read "Android Spy"
Search Analyze missing knife
Search Analyze blood on walls
Search Analyze knife
Search Check shower
Action Examine statue (opens branch path in Last Chance, Connor)
Search Investigate writing
Action Analyze backyard

Event Hank wants to go
Dialog Ask for more time
Choice Hank refuses
Event Hank ends investigation
 Crime unsolved
Choice Hank accepts

Event Out of time
 Crime unsolved

Event Connor knows what happened

Report to Lt. Anderson

Fail Fail to reconstruct the crime
 Crime unsolved

Pass Reconstruct the crime
Action Follow blue blood to the attic
Action Search attic

Found deviant

Partners: All Endings

Found Deviant
This ending is unlocked if players enter the house and analyze all the clues. This will include reconstructing the crime accurately for Lt. Anderson, following the blue blood to the attic, then searching the attic and finding the deviant. Truthfully, this ending will take place if players just show up and try, as failing this mission turned out to be harder than passing it.

Crime Unsolved
This ending can take place under a few rare circumstances. First, if Conner spills Lt. Anderson’s drink at the bar, then shows up at the house and does nothing for several minutes, Hank will leave and won’t give Connor more time. Players must literally stand around and do nothing to get this to pop. The second way to get Crime Unsolved would be to miss huge amounts of evidence and then fail to reconstruct the crime accurately.

After finishing Partners with 100 percent completion and all endings unlocked, proceed to Stormy Night or browse through all chapters with our Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough. We’ve done the work to earn 100 percent completion on every chapter and unlock all the endings.

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