A New Home - Detroit: Become Human

Earn 100 percent completion and unlock all endings in A New Home of Detroit: Become Human.


This walkthrough for A New Home in Detroit: Become Human will unlock 100 percent completion while obtaining the only possible ending. Most of the choices and actions here do not matter in how the rest of the game plays out, but two could have devastating consequences if certain paths are not unlocked. 

Mission Title: 100 Percent Completion

The 100% complete mission flowchart for A New Home.

It's relatively straightforward earning 100% completion in the chapter known as A New Home. Players will encounter a few different braches, but by and large, they'll simply need to complete all activities on each floor of the house before moving on to eventually speak with Alice.

Welcome Home

Action Join Todd

Clean First Floor

Action Read "Android Power!"
Action Read "Connecting the Dots"
Action Check backyard
Action Wash dishes
Action Talk with Alice
Action Disturb Todd
Action Activate vacuum
Action Rewash clothes
Action Find red ice
Action Enrage Todd

Action Take out trash
Action Ask to go upstairs

Go Upstairs

Clean Second Floor

Action Clean Todd's Room
Action Tidy pills
• Kara sees gun
Action Clean toilet
Action Alice goes to her room
Action Clean Alice's room
Action Ventilate room
• Kara discovers a way down
Action Clean bathroom
Action Read "Android QB"
Action Read "Putting a Price"

Dialog Talk with Alice
Event Alice gives Kara a key
Action Open Alice's box
Finished cleaning

A New Home: All Endings

Finished Cleaning
There is only one possible ending in A New Home. When Kara finishes cleaning the second floor she will need to go back downstairs, at which point a cinematic will end the chapter. While this is the only possible conclusion, 100 percent completion of the chapter is preferred as there are two instances where Kara can unlock possible paths in Stormy Night.

With 100 percent completion and all endings unlocked for A New Home, move on to The Painter, or head to the Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough to browse each of the game’s chapters with instructions on 100 percent completion and all endings explained.

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