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How To Upgrade Your Ship In Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

This guide gives you the skinny on bigger ships and better parts to equip them with.


Ship exploration is one of the biggest new additions to Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire and players will have to manage now only the crew, but the parts of their own vessel as soon as the game gets started. We touch on crew management more in our Ship Combat, Naval Exploration, and Crew Management guide, but here we will address the parts you'll need to spend coin on to stay alive in the Deadfire Archipelago. 

This guide will tackle three main topics involving naval upgrades:

  • The various ships you can purchase and how they differ
  • The individual components of a ship that can be upgraded and why you should
  • The strictly cosmetic upgrades

There's quite a bit available to purchase pretty early into your Deadfire journey, but this guide will be a living one that is updated over time. Make sure you bookmark our full Guide and Walkthrough for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire and check in regularly for updates. Now, let's dive into ship upgrades.

How To Upgrade To A Better Ship

About 30+ hours into Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, the only way to get a better ship is by purchasing one at a dock or merchant that specializes in ships. To understand the terms used involving combat movement (starboard, port, jibe) check out our Ship Terms & Navigation guide. If we find rare ships by any other means, but here are the ones that have been discovered thus far:


  • Price: 20,000cp
  • Hull/Sail Health: 50/25
  • Hit Chance: 50%
  • Minimum Crew: 5


  • Price: 35,000cp
  • Hull/Sail Health: 80/40
  • Hit Chance: 60
  • Minimum Crew: 7
  • Turn # Needed To Steer Starboard/Port: 2
  • Turn # Needed To Jibe: 2


  • Price: 50,000cp
  • Hull/Sail Health: 120/40
  • Hit Chance: 60%
  • Minimum Crew: 8
  • Turn # Needed To Steer Starboard/Port: 2
  • Turn # Needed To Jibe: 3


  • Price: 60,000cp
  • Hull/Sail Health: 80/60
  • Hit Chance: 70%
  • Minimum Crew: 9
  • Turn # Needed To Steer Starboard/Port: 2
  • Turn # Needed To Jibe: 3

Where To Find Better Ship Weapons & Parts

This section doesn't cover the common parts and weapons that you'll find at ever port, but you will find detailed stats and locations for better gear. The sea is a dangerous place and you'll want to regularly upgrade as you move into more far-flung waters filled with tougher enemies. Like the rest of this guide, there are lists that will evolve over time:

Best Canon Upgrades

  • Wyrmtongue (Neketaka)
    • Price: Buy 1000cp / Sell 200cp
    • Damage: 6 - 9
    • Range: 0m - 400m
    • Reload Time: 5 turns
  • Dyrwoodan Hog Nose (Neketaka)
    • Price: 350cp/70cp
    • Damage: 4 - 7
    • Range: 150m - 400m
    • Reload Time: 3 turns
  • Aedyr Channel Gun (Neketaka)
    • Price: 375cp/75cp
    • Damage: 4 - 7
    • Range: 350m - 600m 
    • Reload Time: 4 turns
  • Iron Thunderer (Neketaka)
    • Price: 400cp/80cp
    • Damage: 6 - 9
    • Range: 200m - 500m
    • Reload Time:
  • Imperial Long Gun (Neketaka)
    • Price: 550cp/110cp
    • Damage: 6 - 9
    • Range: 300m - 600m
    • Reload Time: 6 turns
  • Double Bronzer (Neketaka)
    • Price: 700cp/140cp
    • Damage: 12 - 15
    • Range: 250m - 350m
    • Reload Time: 8 turns

Best Sail Upgrades

  • Dragonwing (Neketaka)
    • Combat Speed: +10m
    • Sail Health: +15
    • Travel Speed: +10%
  • Mageweave (Neketaka)
    • Combat Speed: +5m
    • Sail Health: +5
    • Travel Speed: +5%
  • Cottonweave (Neketaka)
    • Combat Speed: +5m
    • Sail Health: -2
    • Travel Speed: +5%
  • Vithrack Silk (Neketaka)
    • Sail Health: +5

Best Hull Upgrades

  • Boneframe (Neketaka)
    • Price: 25,000cp/5,000
    • Combat Speed: +5m
    • Travel Speed: +5%
  • Blackwood (Neketaka)
    • Price: 64,000cp/12,800
    • Combat Speed: +15m
    • Hull Health: +15
    • Travel Speed: +5%
  • Aedyran Hull Treatment (Neketaka)
    • Price: 1000cp
    • Hull Health: +5
  • Warship Reinforcements (Neketaka)
    • Price: 3500cp
    • Combat Speed: -2m
    • Hull Health: +15
    • Travel Speed: -2%

Best Anchor Upgrades

  • Ymyran Steel
    • Price: 18,000cp
    • Combat Speed: +5m
    • Travel Speed: +5%

Best Helm Upgrades

  • Ymyran Steel
    • Price: 14,000cp
    • Combat Speed: +5m

What Cosmetic Upgrades Are Available?

Cosmetic upgrades are the options that just add special areas to whatever ship you're sailing. There are miscellaneous upgrades in addition cosmetic ones, so be sure to check back for updates.

  • Captain's Quarters (Neketaka)
    • Price: 3,000cp/600cp
    • Description: Luxurious living space
  • Menagerie (Nejetaka)
    • Price: 3,000cp/600cp
    • Description: Pen created to house all of the extra pets that you don't take on adventures with you.

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