PUBG PC 1.0 Update #12 Includes Map Selection, a New Car & More Live Now

More ways for you to get that chicken dinner. 


Jonesing for more updates to PUBG on PC? Your wish has been granted! The PC 1.0 Update #12 is now live for PC players on test servers. With it comes a slew of bug fixes, improvements to desert map Miramar, and a ton of weapon balance changes for the stat nerd in you to pore over. There's a ton of new stuff, including the new map selection screen, a new vehicle, a new weapon, and new attachments. Don't say PUBG Corp. never gave you anything.

PUBG Corp. just made the patch's debut announcement via Steam, where you can check out all the minute changes available on test servers now.

"This is a big patch," the blog reads.

"Weapon balance in particular is really important for us, and we want to take the time to get it right. For this reason, we’re going to keep the changes on the test server for longer than we normally would." This means you'll have plenty of time to try things out and see how they feel before the changes are fully implemented, so make sure you let PUBG Corp. know how you feel about things as you try things out, as feedback is actively being sought out.

A few standouts from the massive patch include ARs having been rebalanced so that none of the guns are the "objective" best, with pistols, SMGs, and shotguns getting overall damage boosts and range alterations. Character movement speed when holding SRs, LMGs, and shotguns has been decreased as well.

There's a new weapon called the SLR that's been introduced. It’s a DMR, using 7.62mm ammo and 10 bullets per magazine. It'll spawn alongside normal loot out in the world, as well as a "classic muscle car" in the form of the Mirado, a four-seat sedan found around downtown areas and city streets. Finally, the new Duckbill attachement for shotguns will help to reduce vertical pellet spread and increase horizontal spread.

If you're more interested in choosing what area you play on, map selection is now live as well in addition to certain UI tweaks. There are far too many specific changes to list here, but you can find a full log of all the alterations this update brings with it before jumping into the game. Good luck out there, and may the last player standing be full of chicken! 

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