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Cory Barlog's Emotional God of War Review Reaction Video Highlights Five Years of Hard Work

This is the kind of reaction you can only hope to achieve when your passion project releases to the entire world. 


God of War reviews may have gone live last week, but it appears the game's director was only just able to summon the strength to take a look at how the press treated his latest creation. Today, in a 5-minute video blog posted to YouTube, Barlog shared the emotionally charged moment he discovered exactly how critics felt about his vision of the God of War series.

Barlog is shocked, so much that he's moved to tears, to find that the game section of Metacritic featured a Metascore of 93, as he's visibly moved, relieved. Shaken to his core. He's unable to contain himself as he's reduced to tears. "Ninety-three Metacritic," he says incredulously. It's hard not to feel the same wave of pride positively radiating from Barlog, and it's even harder not to cry while watching his heartbreakingly genuine reaction to the game being shared with the world. I'm not sure I'd want to put this private moment online, but that makes Barlog even more of an endearing personality.

"I guess I didn't want to believe that others would see it as we saw it so that's just awesome. I guess that just means I don't know shiiit," Barlog says in the clip with a slight laugh. It must be incredibly liberating to work on a project so long and then see such a pure, positive reaction from the community. Barlog's video is one of the shining moments we don't see enough of in this industry, and it's totally refreshing.

Congratulations to Cory and the rest of the God of War team on what's sure to be a great launch and for putting out the next great iteration of the long-running series! For our thoughts in full review form, be sure to check out the official Shacknews God of War review

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