How Long is God of War?

Breaking down how long it will take to beat God of War based on various play styles.


Video games are getting longer and longer these days. Subreddits are full of questions about how long games are, or if one that provides dozens of hours of entertainment is worth the money. With God of War about to release on the PS4, gamers are curious about how many hours it will take to beat, which will ultimately help them decide how long they need to book off school or work. Probably kidding about the last part, but I suspect it applies to someone.

How Long is God of War?

Just the Story Missions: 20-25 Hours

Story and Exploring: 30-35 Hours

Experience Every Inch: 35-50 Hours

For a gamer who decides to power through only the main quests in God of War, expect that it will take about 20 hours to beat. That’s long enough on its own but crushing through God of War and ignoring the side quests, puzzles, and general exploration would be silly. Every inch of God of War is interesting, and even tasks not related to the story feel worthwhile. Beating a certain enemy that Kratos wouldn’t bump into on the story path might unlock a new armor set that can be crafted, and that would help progress the story. It all ties together.

For those that play God of War with the intention to explore the world and enjoy all it has to offer, it will be at least 30 hours to get through. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that number climb even higher, though, with 50 hours feeling reasonable for those who want to do everything and aren’t exactly in a rush. It is not uncommon to get sidetracked for a couple of hours and make no story progress whatsoever. It is also common to get hung up on a puzzle for 10-15 minutes, and Kratos can’t go five feet without bumping into a puzzle or riddle.

Now that I’ve explained how long God of War is regardless of play style, visit the Shacknews God of War walkthrough and guide to get help along the path.

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