All Cougars Baseball Card Locations - Far Cry 5

Locate and collect all nine Cougars Baseball Cards in Far Cry 5.


Of the six different types of collectibles available in Far Cry 5, the Cougars Baseball Cards are one of the easiest to obtain. Each of the nine available cards are found in Jacob’s Region, making travel time around the map easier for those who plan to get them all. However, they are the toughest collectible to see when looting a building, so perhaps it evens out.

All Cougars Baseball Card Locations

Cougars Baseball Card #1: The first Cougars Baseball Card can be found at Cooper’s Cabin in Jacob’s Region. The card is on a very small display shelf halfway up the wall.

Cougars Baseball Card #2: The second Cougars Baseball Card is at the F.A.N.G. Center in Jacob’s Region. Head into the store room where the card can be found sitting on an empty shelf.

Cougars Baseball Card #3: Another Cougars Baseball Card is found close to the F.A.N.G. Center in Jacob’s Region. Find the card on a small display shelf inside a building next to a very small lake.

Cougars Baseball Card #4: Grab a Cougars Baseball Card from the McNeill Residence in Jacob’s Region. It’s just down the runway from Hangar Pains prepper stash, on a display shelf in one of the buildings.

Cougars Baseball Card #5: There’s a Cougars Baseball Card close to the Baron Lumber Mill in Jacob’s Region. Break out a window and climb into the building to find the card on a shelf.

Cougars Baseball Card #6: Get this Cougars Baseball Card from an unnamed location just off Cedar Lake in Jacob’s Region. The card will be next to some bunkbeds, sitting on a nightstand.

Cougars Baseball Card #7: A Cougars Baseball Card is located high on top of a mountain, far beyond Rattlesnake Trail Bridge in Jacob’s Region. It’s inside a building next to some radio equipment.

Cougars Baseball Card #8: Snatch one of the final Cougars Baseball Cards from the PIN-K0 Radar Station in Jacob’s Region. The card is sitting in a shed with no door, on a small shelf off to the side.

Cougars Baseball Card #9: The final Cougars Baseball Card is found at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop in Jacob’s Region. The card is on a shelf above a clothing rack in the main store building.

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