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How to Get the Secret Ending in Far Cry 5

Like Far Cry 4 before it, Far Cry 5 has a secret ending in the first few minutes.


One of the coolest things that you could do in Far Cry 4 was unlock the secret ending at the start of the game. It was a genius move by Ubisoft, and it had me hoping that they’d do something similar in Far Cry 5. Call it repetitive or predictable if you want, but to not have one would have been a missed opportunity if you ask me. Thankfully, Far Cry 5 has a secret ending, and it’s very early on in the campaign.

How to Get the Secret Ending

When you begin Far Cry 5 you’ll be taking a helicopter ride to arrest one Joseph Seed, leader of the Eden’s Gate cult that has consumed Hope County, Montana. You can tell right from the opening moments that things are going to be bad. You aren’t met violence, but the tension is thick as you approach the Father. As a gamer with lots of titles under your belt, you are pretty sure you’re not getting out of this one without a fight. Maybe you’re right, and maybe you’re wrong. It all depends on how you approach things.

As you are asked to put the cuffs on Joseph Seed, your opportunity to get the secret ending is presented. Do nothing. Ignore the NPCs screaming around you and keep your hands off the controls. Suffer through the awkwardness for a few brief moments and eventually the sheriff will tell you to forget it. The two of you will exit the building and the credits will roll. Congratulations are in order, because you just beat Far Cry 5.

Secret ending aside, there’s a lot more to see and do in Hope County if you’re not willing to bend to the Father’s wishes. Visit our survivalist guide for Far Cry 5 and you’ll be ready to take on the Eden’s Gate cult at every turn, not bend to their demands.


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