Where to Find a Compound Bow in Far Cry 5

Find a Compound Bow in Far Cry 5 to become a silent assassin in Hope County.


There are a lot of ways to kill things in Far Cry 5, but my favorite so far is with the Compound Bow. It’s quiet, has decent range, and you can retrieve your arrows so that you’re never running low on ammo for an upcoming fight. Problem is, the game doesn’t just hand it to you right from the start, so players must track one down. This can be done very early on, though, either through looting one in the world, or from buying one from an in-game vendor.

Where to Find a Compound Bow

The easiest way to get a Compound Bow in Far Cry 5 is from the Sunken Funds prepper stash that you’ll be asked to enter on Dutch’s Island. You should be working your way inside this room in the first 30 or so minutes of the game, so you won’t be without a Compound Bow for long. Just be sure to smash the boards that cover the door to find the back room, otherwise you could easily overlook this one.

Another way to get a Compound Bow is to buy one from a vendor. If you head east (assuming north is up when you open your map) from the Sunken Funds prepper stash, there will be a vendor standing on a dock by the water’s edge. He will sell you weapons if you have the cash, letting you buy a Compound Bow from him if you so choose. This is also where you’ll find your pre-order weapons, so you might just need to visit this dude to equip the one that’s rightfully yours.

There’s a good chance that you can find a Compound Bow somewhere else on Dutch’s Island. You never know when one might be leaning against a wall or dropped from an Eden’s Gate goon that you took out while searching for one of Far Cry 5’s safe locations. However, the two methods I’ve spoken of are going to be reliable on any playthrough, so pick the one that appeals to you the most.

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