All Prepper Stash Locations - Far Cry 5

Locate every prepper stash in Far Cry 5 and solve the riddle to get inside.


Few things in Far Cry 5 are as cool as the prepper stash locations strewn around Hope County. They offer loot, but they also offer a sense of satisfaction when you get inside. I’ll help you locate and break into each prepper stash John’s Region, Jacob’s Region, Faith’s Region, Dutch’s Island, and Joseph’s Region.

Sunken Funds Prepper Stash

  • Region: Dutch’s Island
  • Location: Silver Lake Boathouse

Sunken Funds is the first prepper stash you’ll enter in Far Cry 5, and it’s found at the Silver Lake Boathouse on Dutch’s Island. A shed inland from the boathouse will give you the quest if you read the note beside its door. With the quest active, head to the boathouse and jump in the water. Swim inside, climb up, and interact with the power switch on the wall. Grab the Boathouse Key from beside the door, use it to open the door, then head back to the shed. Turn the wheel to the left of the shed to pump out the water, then you can open the hatch to gain access to the prepper stash. Once inside there will be a wooden barricade you must smash to access the back room, and it’s in the back room where you’ll find loads of cash and your first Compound Bow of the game.

Swingers Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s region
  • Location: Bridge of Tears

The Swingers prepper stash is located under the Bridge of Tears in John’s Region, but players will need to have the Grapple Hook unlocked to access it the way the game intended. However, I was able to fly my helicopter into the prepper stash directly. It was a rough landing, but I managed to get in, loot the loads of cash and other goodies, and then fly back out. It’s not the way you’re supposed to get in and out, but open world games are all about finding your own path, right?

High Tension Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Lincoln Lookout Tower

The High Tension prepper stash quest is found at the Lincoln Lookout Tower. Once you have it, use the zipline until you can’t use it any more. Don’t jump off, just ride it until you land in a tree. Once there, jump to the next tree over, walk across the downed log to the following tree, then jump to one more tree. There will be a final zipline that you can take that will deliver you to the High Tension prepper stash.

Dumpster Diving Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Dodd’s Dumps

The Dumpster Diving prepper stash found at Dodd’s Dumps in John’s Region can be a bit of a pain. Leave any NPC companions outside, as they are too stupid to stay out of the electrified water. Enter the building from the back, taking note of the prepper stash door you cannot open. Head to the front of the building (making your way through the inside) and turn on the power. The water is now electrified, so you’ll have to climb your way back to the prepper stash. You’ll find all the normal goodies on the inside, and if you left your NPC companions outside, your squad is still alive!

D.I.Y. and D.O.A. Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Doverspike Compound

The D.I.Y. and D.O.A. prepper stash is found in John’s Region at the Doverspike Compound, and it’s a tough one. Start by looting the Doverspike Key from the bedroom and using it to open the shed. Open the hatch to the bunker and head down. You’ll have to move all the way to the far end of the bunker to restore the power, which will set you up to take some damage on your way back out. Luckily, this prepper stash has loads of cash, guns, and three perk magazines that you can snatch up.

Foxhole Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Armstrong Residence

Bring Grace Armstrong as your companion to the Foxhole prepper stash found at the Armstrong Residence in John’s Region. It’s her house, so you’ll get slightly different dialogue than you would if you brought some other NPC along for the ride. Enter the house through the open window and make your way along the only path you can, trying not to get burned. It’s just a small maze to reach the prepper stash, which contains cash, three perk magazines, a safe, guns, and an answering machine collectible.

Playing with Fire Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Hope County Jail Bus

Begin the Playing with Fire prepper stash quest by visiting the Hope County Jail Bus in John’s Region. Once you read the note inside, head to the river and into the pipe. Be mindful of wildlife as you make your way to the end of the pipe and use your Lockpick perk to open the final door. This prepper stash will have cash and three perk magazines, which isn’t bad for a drain pipe if you ask me.

Deep Dive Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Laurel Residence

Begin the Deep Dive prepper stash mission at the Laurel Residence in John’s Region by reading the note in the house, then heading out to the shed and bunker location. Open the hatch and jump in. Swim to the table at the far end of the room and grab the Laurel’s Key Card. Go back up the ladder you came down and use the key card to open the shed. Interact with the switch to start the pump and drain the water. You can now go back into the bunker and smash the wooden planks to access this prepper stash. Inside will be a safe, three perk magazines, and some cash.

Long Range Lockpick Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Deep North Irrigation Reservoir

Begin the Long Range Lockpick prepper stash quest by reading the note at the Deep North Irrigation Reservoir in John’s Region. Head to the other side of the river and use a rifle with a scope to shoot the lock through the window. Swim back to the side of the river with the prepper stash and head inside. You’ll find three perk magazines and some cash, and maybe a weapon if you’re lucky. This one can be tricky due to how many cultists there are roaming the area, but you’ll be fine.

Man Cave Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Sunrise Threshing

The Man Cave prepper stash located at Sunrise Threshing in John’s Region is easier than it looks. Climb the nearby tower and use your zipline to get into the fenced in area. Shoot the lock off the door, then head out and get into the truck. Back the truck into the yard and it will attach to the trailer. Drive the trailer out of the yard and away from the prepper stash hatch that it’s covering. Once you’re in the bunker you can climb up a ladder on the other side, delivering you to three perk magazines, cash, and a truck that you can use to drive out of there.

Fire in the Hole Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Wellington Residence

The Fire in the Hole prepper stash quest can be obtained by reading a note on a rock outside the Wellington Residence in John’s Region. Head into the building and climb down the ladder. You’ll be sniffing bliss down there, and you’ll have to deal with several angels. Remember to kill them with headshots and use explosives to clear the path forward. Eventually, you’ll come to a room with a couple of bodies in it. The scene reminded me of Fallout 4, but I quickly got my wits about me and looted the cash, three perk magazines, and read the letter for some additional lore.

Vespiary Prepper Stash

  • Region: John’s Region
  • Location: Grain Elevator

There’s a note outside the Grain Elevator in John’s Region that will kick off the Vespiary prepper stash quest. If you look up from that note, there’s an open window that leads to the prepper stash. If you can find a way to get up there, you can bypass the troubles of doing things the way they were intended. If you can’t, head into the window on the second floor and make your way through the building. The only thing you must worry about are bees, but besides that it’s easy to get your hands on the cash, three perk magazines, and other goodies in this prepper stash.

Pooper Scooper Prepper Stash

  • Region: Faith’s Region
  • Location: Silver Lake Summer Camp

The Pooper Scooper prepper stash is located at the Silver Lake Summer Camp in Faith’s Region. Once you get the quest by reading the note, head to the back of the main building and smash the boards to get inside. From there, look to the floor and pick up all the poop you can find. As you’d figure, I found the Summer Camp Key Card in the final pile. Head back outside and use the key card to open the doors to the various cabins, one of which is the prepper stash. You’ll find your usual collection of three perk magazines, cash, and a few weapons.

Animal Control Prepper Stash

  • Region: Faith’s Region
  • Location: Howling Cave

Outside the Howling Cave in Faith’s Region will be the Animal Control prepper stash note. Read it to get the quest, then head into the cave. You’ll have some enemies to deal with, and probably a couple of angry wolves, but it’s a straightforward prepper stash to reach. Use your Grappling Hook to reach the level of the cave with the helicopter, then loot the cash and three perk magazines that sit on the wooden pallet.

Overwatch Prepper Stash

  • Region: Faith’s Region
  • Location: Taft Lookout Tower, Raptor Peak

You can get the Overwatch prepper stash quest in Faith’s Region by visiting the Taft Lookout Tower. Read the note, then head up the mountain to Raptor Peak. You might have some bears to deal with, but it’s an easy prepper stash to acquire compared to most. You’ll find cash, three perk magazines, and at least one backpack. Alternatively, you can skip the note at the Taft Lookout Tower and just go to Raptor Peak to loot the stash. Nothing is stopping you.

The Angel’s Grave Prepper Stash

  • Region: Faith’s Region
  • Location: Horned Serpent Cave

The Angel’s Grave prepper stash is in Faith’s Region at the Horned Serpent Cave. Read the note just outside the barred gate to get the quest. Grapple your way up the cliff and head to the marked waypoint by the cave. Jump as far down as you can, then grapple lower. Move through the cave by grappling, jumping, and using your zipline, taking out any enemies or animals along the way. The prepper stash will have three perk magazines, cash, a backpack, and some crafting supplies. You can exit the cave using the gate that’s now mysteriously open.

Getaway Prepper Stash

  • Region: Faith’s Region
  • Location: Mcallough’s Garage

The Getaway prepper stash at Mcallough’s Garage in Faith’s Region isn’t too difficult. Find the note in the main part of the garage, then head out back and smash the wooden barricade to get back into the building. Interact with the button on the far wall that opens the main garage door, then go around the building to re-enter through that same door. Make your way to the washroom in the back and you’ll find Mcallough’s Key Card. You can now open the locked prepper stash door. You’ve got cash and the three perk magazines inside, but also the 1973 Pygmalion SSR unlocked in your garage.

Side Effects Prepper Stash

  • Region: Faith’s Region
  • Location: Bright Warden Radon Spa

Head to the Bright Warden Radon Spa in Faith’s Region and you’ll find a note outside that gives you the Side Effects prepper stash quest. Head into the mine and work you way all the way to the back. Smash open any wooden barricades until you reach the very back room. If you can still move forward, you’re not there yet. Flip the switch in the back room to restore power. You must now backtrack through the cave, killing any angels (headshots do the trick on these fake zombies) along the way. The prepper stash will be open, letting you loot the three perk magazines, cash, and grenades found inside.

O’Hara’s Haunted House Prepper Stash

  • Region: Faith’s Region
  • Location: O’Hara’s Haunted House

The O’Hara’s Haunted House prepper stash is found in Faith’s Region at O’Hara’s Haunted House. Guess that makes sense. Anyway, grab the note from beside the prepper stash door to activate the quest, then climb the scaffolding next to the house. Go inside and turn on the power, which will let you open the prepper stash door. I’d like to tell you this is hard, but you’re just walking through several tries at jump scaring you to death. Walk to the end of the haunted house and you’ll get your cash, three perk magazines, and any other goodies strewn about.

Dead Man’s Treasure Prepper Stash

  • Region: Faith’s Region
  • Location: Dead Man’s Mill

The prepper’s note outside Dead Man’s Mill will give you the Dead Man’s Treasure prepper stash quest in Faith’s Region. Read the note, then go under the cabin and climb inside. Grab the Waterfall Wheel, then go outside and use it to turn off the waterfall. Just below the Waterfall Wheel is a grapple point. Use your Grappling Hook to drop down and swing into the cave. Loot the prepper stash for the cash, three perk magazines, and anything else. Sounds easy, but in the process of all this I was sprayed by a skunk, bitten by a snake, attacked by a cougar, attacked by cultists, and my NPC companion stole my helicopter, so screw this prepper stash.

Salvage Rites Prepper Stash

  • Region: Jacob’s Region
  • Location: Salvage Camp

The Salvage Rites prepper stash quest is obtained on the east side of the Salvage Camp island in Jacob’s Region. Once you read the note, head east into the water and swim out. You’ll have to dive down to find Fred Tanner’s Key. Swim back to shore and you can open the locked box, getting your hands on some cash and the standard three perk magazines.

Gone Squatchin’ Prepper Stash

  • Region: Jacob’s Region
  • Location: Dansky Cabin

Just outside the Dansky Cabin in Jacob’s Region is the note to give you the Gone Squatchin’ prepper stash quest. Read it and follow the waypoints as they lead you up the path. Eventually, though, you’ll have to start climbing and jumping your way up using your Grappling Hook. When you finally reach the waypoint, you’ll get Dansky’s Key Card. Head back to the Dansky Cabin, open the door, then grab your cash, three perk magazines, and various other supplies. Alternatively, if you don’t want to climb up to get the key card, take a helicopter.

Unwelcome Guest Prepper Stash

  • Region: Jacob’s Region
  • Location: Frank’s Cabin

On the wall next to the door to Frank’s Cabin in Jacob’s Region will be a note that gives you the Unwelcome Guest prepper stash quest. Once you have the quest, head toward the waypoint. It will lead you into the path of a bear, which you should obviously kill before it kills you. In that bear’s cave, though, will be the Frank’s Key. Head back to the cabin and open the door to find cash, guns, three perk magazines, and some crafting materials.

Cliffhanger Prepper Stash

  • Region: Jacob’s Region
  • Location: Ozhigwan Falls

Near Ozhigwan Falls in Jacob’s Region you can find the Cliffhanger prepper stash. Head to the bridge and look over the edge. A Short distance below you will be some cultists. Dispatch them and search the rocks where they were standing to find a backpack with Ted and Ian’s Key beside it. Grab the key and follow the water lower down the falls to a crashed truck. Beside the truck is the note to get the prepper stash quest (we went a bit backwards to save time), then open the case in the back of the truck to find cash and three perk magazines.

Mayday Prepper Stash

  • Region: Jacob’s Region
  • Location: Rattlesnake Trail Bridge

On a wooden bridge at the Rattlesnake Trail Bridge in Jacob’s Region will be a note to obtain the Mayday prepper stash quest. Grab it, then get ready to head up. In fact, bring a helicopter for this one to finish it in a few short minutes. Fly up to the waypoint above you that is telling you to investigate the area. There will be three cultists you need to kill, then it’s safe to land your helicopter near the crashed plane. North of the plane’s tail will be Kyle’s Key. Head south from there and you’ll find a box you can open with the key. Inside are three perk magazines and some cash.

Hangar Pains Prepper Stash

  • Region: Jacob’s Region
  • Location: Lansdowne Airstrip

Near the main building of the Lansdowne Airstrip in Jacob’s Region will be a note that gives you the Hangar Pains prepper stash quest. It mentions a skylight, which is your way in. I had a helicopter, so I simply landed on the roof and dropped through the skylight. You could do the same, or fast travel to the airstrip and use the Airdrop perk to land on the roof. Just get on the roof, drop through the skylight, then open the larger hangar door with the switch on the wall. You’ll find three perk magazines, some cash, crafting materials, and maybe a grenade if you’re lucky.

The Holdouts Prepper Stash

  • Region: Jacob’s Region
  • Location: Elliot Residence

Outside the Elliot Residence in Jacob’s Region will be a note that gives you The Holdouts prepper stash quest. Once you have it, head to the opposite side of the house from where you read the note, then climb up to the second story. Go in the window, through the house, then back out onto the roof. Go inside a second window and you can make your way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Elliot’s Key Card will be on the floor. Take it and head to the shed outside, giving you access to the prepper stash. This is one of the coolest prepper stashes in the game because it’s clear that Mr. Elliot smoked about 15 cultists along the way.

Shipwreck Prepper Stash

  • Region: Jacob’s Region
  • Location: Tanami Residence

Outside the Tanami Residence in Jacob’s Region is a note that will give you the Shipwreck prepper stash quest. Grab it and turn to face the water. Go into the water on the right side of the wreckage and swim into the boat. Make your way along the only path open to you until you climb out of the water. Flip the control switch, climb out the window, then get back into the water. You’ll need to swim into the prepper stash. You’ll find all the same goodies that you normally do, plus a slithering surprise. Take what you want, grab the key card, then exit the prepper stash the easy way.

Now that you have all 28 prepper stashes in the game, visit the Shacknews Far Cry 5 hub for collectibles, guides, and walkthroughs.

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