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How to Fast Travel in Far Cry 5

Learn how to fast travel in Far Cry 5, saving yourself precious gaming hours.


While I’ve personally been under a self-imposed fast travel ban in open-world games for about a year now, many don’t have that kind of patience. Walking across the map takes too long, and your helicopter is in flames at the base of a mountain. The answer, of course, is to fast travel from one location to the next and skip all the nonsense in the middle.

How to Fast Travel in Far Cry 5

Fast travel in Far Cry 5 is straightforward, but it doesn’t unlock until you’ve progressed to a certain point in the game. That point is early in the campaign, so you won’t have to wait too long.

After the opening sequence you’ll find yourself with Dutch, hiding out in his bunker (there's a locked door in Dutch's bunker you can unlock, so don't miss it). When you go outside you’ll be in Dutch’s Region, a small island that has a bit of everything on it to get you accustomed to the mechanics you’ll see in Far Cry 5. Your objective will be to liberate Dutch’s Island, which is a 30-minute task (give or take) depending on if you like to use stealth or run-and-gun. When you clear Dutch’s Island, fast travel will be unlocked and available for use.

The way fast travel works in Far Cry 5 is that you must unlock a location to use it as a fast travel point. This means you’ll have to make the trip by foot, vehicle, aircraft, or helicopter at least once. After you visit it and clear it out, you can then open your map and move your cursor to that point, prompting the fast travel option to show. If you click on it you’ll enter a loading screen, after which you’ll spawn at the point you fast traveled to. Fast travel points are indicated by a blue marker on the map, or by a blue symbol that looks the fast forward button on a TV remote.

Should you wish to approach the location from the air, you can unlock the Airdrop perk from the Renegade tree for 10 points. This will give you the option to arrive by air drop when you fast travel to any location. Just be certain you’ve fully explored all the perks in Far Cry 5 and unlocked either the Parachute or Wingsuit, otherwise you’re in for a rough landing.

Hope County is a big place with lots to do. Keep on top of the action by visiting our Far Cry 5 guide hub, where we tackle many of the game’s mechanics beyond how to fast travel.


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