The Key to Dutch's Locked Room in Far Cry 5

Find the key required to open the locked room in Dutch’s bunker in Far Cry 5.


You’ll come across a lot of locked doors in Far Cry 5, and you can be sure that somewhere nearby is a key to open it. Perhaps it’s sitting on a desk that you’ve overlooked, or it’s tucked away as part of a larger mission you need to complete. The first such key you require to open a locked room is after the opening sequence, as part of a mission called a Glimmer of Hope. This takes place in Dutch’s bunker, and the key is easier to find that you might expect.

Key Location to Open Dutch’s Locked Room

The key you need is not found sitting around as you explore Dutch’s bunker. This key is locked behind a small bit of progression, but players might hesitate to push forward out of fear that they’ll lose the chance to find it. This was the case with me, at least.

Speak to Dutch as part of the Glimmer of Hope mission. He’ll direct you to open his nearby safe and take the gun from it. Beside the gun is the key that you require. Grab it and head back to the locked door. You can now enter the room, but you might be disappointed at what you find. Inside is a note that you can read, some crafting material, but no guns or huge amounts of cash to get your journey started right. A bit of a missed opportunity if you ask me. Although, I was also hoping for a bit more of a puzzle to open the door.

After you loot the room and the rest of the bunker, head out into Hope County to get the action started properly. You’ll be clearing Dutch’s Island for him. It features a Compound Bow you can snag, a Prepper Stash you can loot, and a vendor that sells a Fishing Rod. It’s a great island to introduce you to what you can expect from Far Cry 5.

Now that you have the key required to Dutch’s locked room, keep yourself informed on all other important matters in Hope County. Shacknews has a Far Cry 5 walkthrough and guide you’ll want to visit early and often if you hope to smash the Eden’s Gate cult.

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