How to Respawn Off the Ghost Ship in Sea of Thieves

If you weren’t so impatient you’d know how to get off the ghost ship in Sea of Thieves.


Death is inevitable in Sea of Thieves. Whether you die like an action hero in an epic battle or, like me, try to jump in the water from a high cliff and hit the beach, you will perish. Soon after you will find yourself on the ghost ship, death ship, respawn ship, or whatever else you want to call it. Unfortunately, it’s not immediately clear how to get off this ship, but that’s only because you’re impatient.

How to Get Off the Ghost Ship

You can move around on the ghost ship, but you can’t really do much else. If you died in a crazy battle you are likely to see players you fought there. Chat with them using in-game communications if you like, but it’s a tad weird talking to the pirate that just ended you.

Maybe 30 seconds after you arrive on the ghost ship a door will open toward the bow. A bright light will shine through the door just begging you to step inside. As soon as you walk through the door you will be delivered to your ship (assuming it’s still floating), or perhaps the water near it. If you find yourself in the open water with nothing but a long swim ahead of you, look for a mermaid. This is your ticket to finding land (or your ship), should you have no other options.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need help with getting off the ghost ship beyond your first death, but we have been busy with much more than that. The Shacknews team has built a collection of Sea of Thieves guides to help you on any journey that you set out on.

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