How to Start Voyages in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to start a voyage in Sea of Thieves to rank up and earn gold.


Sea of Thieves is the kind of game where you don’t mind just sailing around without a destination. Well, that’s cool for a while, but eventually you’ll want to buy better cosmetics for your character and your ship, and such things require that you earn gold and rank up. This is where voyages come into play, but you must know how to start them before you can partake in one of the adventures.

How to Start Voyages

There are different types of voyages in Sea of Thieves. Three main voyage types are the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and the Merchant Alliance. You can find vendors that give you voyages for each of these three at the game’s outposts, and that’s where you’ll start.

It doesn’t matter what outpost you’re at. Look around the island for vendors and speak to them. When you find one of from the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, or Merchant Alliance, pick up one of their free quests. You can carry three quests on your character at a time, so load up with three from the same vendor, or take one from each to get some variety.

After this you’ll need to head to your sloop or galleon with your crew. There you’ll find a table with the option to propose a voyage. Do so, selecting from one of the three you picked up from the vendors, then inform the crew that they need to vote on the voyage to set it as the active quest. One you get enough votes, the voyage is on and it’s anchors away.

Bring up your personal map (E on PC) and you can see information about the voyage. Maybe it’s a clue, or perhaps it’s a map that shows an unnamed island with a treasure marker on it. Either way, take note of what you see and head to the shared map on your pirate ship. Search for the location of the treasure, set a waypoint, and then head out on the open seas. Your quest will conclude after you retrieve the treasure or complete the quest, then report back to an outpost and the appropriate vendor. This is how you rank up with the various factions and earn gold.

Now that you know how to go on a voyage, take your pirate game to the next level with our Sea of Thieves guide hub, full of helpful information to make you rich and infamous.

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