Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for February 20, 2018

The Destiny 2 weekly reset for February 20, 2018 brings a new Nightfall, and a new planet to complete the Flashpoint.


As the latest Destiny 2 weekly reset is upon us, we see the Crimson Days event exit the Tower. We're not back to regular Destiny (well, there's a faction rally), with a new Nightfall and a new planet to knock out the Flashpoint.

Nightfall - Inverted Spire

The Inverted Spire is as OG as it gets when it comes to a Nightfall. No Guardian fireteam should struggle, but we do have an Inverted Spire Nightfall guide in case you get stuck.


  • Momentum - Health and shield regeneration stop when you're not moving. Sprint to speed up regeneration.
  • Timewarp: Rings - Vex time gates have appeared in the area. Pass through them to discharge temporal energy and extend the mission timer.


  • Speed of Dark - Complete the Nightfall with at least five minutes remaining.
  • Unbroken - Complete the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths.
  • The Floor is Lava - As a fireteam, do not get hit by Protheon's fiery ground attack before defeating it.

Flashpoint - Mercury

It's not as bad as it sounds, but coming from the EDZ, no Flashpoint was going to be good. You should be able to run the Flashpoint on Mercury on about 30 minutes, maybe even a few minutes less than that.

Leviathan Raid Order

The Leviathan raid order is the Gauntlet > Pleasure Gardens > Royal Pools > Calus fight. Be sure to study our Leviathan raid guide, as well as our guide on the Leviathan raid underbelly codes, to help stay out of the Castellum as much as you possibly can.

Leviathan Raid Challenge

This week's Leviathan raid challenge is the Gauntlet. It's not the easiest one in the bunch, but by now experienced raid teams should have no trouble completing these tests.

Faction Weapons for Sale

Tone Patrol is my pick here only because it sounds cool. If you've played a lot of Destiny 2 over the last few months, I can't imagine a scenario where you need any of these weapons.

  • Devrim Kay - Call to Serve Legendary Scout Rifle
  • Asher Mir - Blue Shift Legendary Rocket Launcher
  • Sloane - Tone Patrol Legendary Scout Rifle
  • Failsafe - The Mornin' Comes Legendary Sniper Rifle
  • Commander Zavala - Eternal Blazon Legendary Scout Rifle
  • Lord Shaxx - Steel Sybil Z-14 Legendary Sword

Gunsmith Inventory

  • Legendary Weapon Mod: Arc Damage Mod
  • Legendary Chest Armor Mod: Power Munition Loader
  • Legendary Warlock Bond Mod: Energy Bracket Mod

Eververse Inventory

  • Rare Emote: Get Up - 400 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Emote: Disco Dance - 700 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Sparrow: Velos Knight - 600 Bright Dust
  • Exotic Ship: Kabr's Glass Aegis - 2,000 Bright Dust
  • Exotic Weapon Ornament: Black Plague (Rat King) - 800 Bright Dust
  • Exotic Weapon Ornament: Titanium Alloy (MIDA Multi-Tool) - 800 Bright Dust
  • Lgendary Cloak/Bond/Mark: Omega Mechanos - 800 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Ghost: Pintail Ghost - 400 Bright Dust
  • Rare Transmat Effect: Solar Effects - 450 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Shader: Indigo Matrix - 40 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Shader: Descendant Vex Chrome - 40 Bright Dust
  • Fireteam Medallion Legendary Consumable - 50 Bright Dust
  • Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard Legendary Consumable - 350 Bright Dust
  • Gleaming Boon of the Crucible Legendary Consumable - 750 Bright Dust

That wraps up the Destiny 2 weekly reset summary for February 20, 2018. Visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for in-depth information on all that you need to master as a Guardian.

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