How To Steal From The Executioner In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

A Good Thief is a quest that puts you on a nefarious path, but there are multiple ways to handle this particular heist.


A series of unfortunate events result in you being indebted to the uncle of a young lady from your home village in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You can pay him back once you earn some coin, but that's the long game and the uncle has another option that involves a special ring. Your first task is to dig up a dead body to get the ring of a man recently executed. It's not there, unfortunately, and you're given a new task to get the ring from the town's executioner. Here are a handful of ways you can accomplish this task.

Steal The Ring From The Executioner

If you want to steal the ring during the day, you can either knock out the executioner by sneaking up on him and pressing the right input or you can try to break into his home to lockpick the chest while he's out. If you knock him out, you'll be able to get a key to the trunk from him and not have to worry about lockpicking.

If you decide you want to go full thief and steal during the night, your largest obstacle here will be the dogs. They’ll spot you quickly and start barking. At best, the executioner won’t notice (this only happened to me on one attempt) at worst he’ll come running out of his home. So you can silence the dogs and sneak in, but you’ll still have a couple obstacles. (If you’ve increased stealth enough and gotten the Dog Person perk, dogs won’t bark at you). You’ll have to lockpick the front door and then the chest in his room for the Dead Man’s Ring. The ring isn’t very valuable, but does influence how to sell stolen goods.

Kill The Executioner

Kill him and suffer the consequences. Getting away with murder is already difficult enough even if you dispose of the murder weapon and clean yourself of the blood. If you fail to keep it a secret, the game’s difficulty increases a bit because your reputation will spread and people like traders won't even converse with you anymore.

Ask The Executioner For The Ring

Just ask him for it. If your speech skill is high enough, the executioner will be more than willing to part with it for a few coins. You’ll learn that the ring doesn’t have much actual value, but the task of getting it will be incredibly beneficial to you. Check out our guide to selling stolen goods to find out exactly why.

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