Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide and Walkthrough

Here are the guides, tips, and walkthroughs you need to best survive this indie sandbox RPG.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and players are beginning to dig into Warhorse Studios' deep and expansive medieval sandbox RPG. There are a lot of dynamic elements and intriguing mechanics to learn about while progressing through the story taking place in 15th century Bohemia, so we've got some guides to help you along the way. Bookmark this, as more content will be added to this collection regularly. 

Game Mechanics

How To Save Your Game

Warhorse has chosen a unique way to save your progress in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but there are other ways to skin a cat. Check out how you can best manage your time spent in this world.

How To Lockpick

You'll come across quite a few chests or doors that you want to enter, but can't. Lockpicks are the universal key and here are tips on how to use them and get better and it.

How To Sell Stolen Goods

Money is hard to come by for most of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, so you may want to move some items you've acquired by lesser means. You can't just sell to anyone, so here's your guide.

How To Clean Blood Off Weapons/Clothing

Keeping up appearances is important in Deliverance, but maybe you just don't like those extra symbols popping up by your gear and weapons. Here's how to get rid of them.

Learning to Read

Not many people knew how to read in the 15th century, including the main character, Henry. As such, he's unable to gain precious information from text in books or written on walls, unless of course you can teach Henry to read.

Are There Classes?

While there aren't any traditional RPG classes to select in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there are a collection of attributes you can work on to build the character you desire.

How Big Is Bohemia In Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

If you diving into this sandbox RPG, you're likely aware that you'll be burning quite a few hours. Just how big is the map is Kingdom Come: Deliverance, though?

Is There Multiplayer?

As big as this game is, are you able to bring some friends along in this realistic, medieval romp?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC Minimum/Recommended Requirements

If you're playing the game on PC, you'll want to check out these specs to make sure you have the right gear to run it at its best. There's an additional driver available if you're using an NVIDIA GPU as well.

Highborn or Lowborn

Upon leveling up your speech skill, you will be given the choice of the Highborn or Lowborn perk, but you cannot have both, so you must choose wisely. Personally, there's an obvious choice to take, but we explain it all in this guide.

Where to Get Horse Armor

Protecting Henry is as simple as finding, buying, or stealing some armor and putting it on, but getting armor for your horse isn't as simple. You will need a lot of cunning and bravery if you want to protect your noble steed with some armor in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Quest Guides

Unexpected Visit Guide

The Unexpected Visit is the very first quest in the game, and it is the quest which is most likely to cause new players a moment to pause. Part of this is because of how difficult Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be and the other part is that there are quite a few options, but one ideal course to take.

Where's The Spade?

An early quest tasks you with burying a couple people close to Henry, but you'll need spade to do it. Here's how to find it.

How To Steal From The Executioner

Early into your experience, you're given the option of stealing the ring of a dead man to earn the favor of someone you're indebted to. Here are the ways you can accomplish your task.

Ginger In A Pickle Guide

A bloody mystery sets you on quite the harrowing path as you try to find the main suspect, only to learn there's much more to this task.

Nest of Vipers Guide

A Nest of Vipers is a quest that is automatically given to you in Kingdom Come: Deliverance upon the completion of My Friend Timmy. This quest requires you to use stealth, cunning, or rambo tactics in order to see some results.

Pestilence Guide

The Pestilence quest is a time-sensitive mission that takes place some time after the main mission, Questions and Answers. If you want to save the townsfolk of Merhojed, you're going to want to come prepared.

All Treasure Maps

Want to get your hands on some valuable loot? Then you should consider hunting down all the maps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and following them to their treasure.

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