Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for February 13, 2018

Another Destiny 2 reset is upon us, bringing with it the Crimson Days event.


The Destiny 2 weekly reset is once again upon us, bringing with it the Crimson Days event for the next week. Vendors will also be selling new weapons, and Tess will be selling more stuff that you don't really want to buy with your precious Bright Dust.

Nightfall - Pyramidion

All Guardians should be familiar with this Nightfall by now. It's one of the most played strikes in all of Destiny 2, not to mention it has some of the best voice acting. If you need help, we wrote a Pyramidion Nightfall guide to get you through.


  • Torrent - Boundless power erupts from within. Your abilities recharge much faster.
  • Timewarp: Zero Hour - The mission timer cannot be extended. Choose your battles carefully.


  • Speed of Dark - Complete the Nightfall with at least five minutes remaining.
  • Unbroken - Complete the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths.
  • Siege Engine - Do not allow Brakion to remain shielded for more than 40 seconds before defeating it.

Flashpoint - EDZ

Probably the easiest flashpoint you could ask for, full of public events and lots of things to do. Spend some time exploring earth and cleaning up any icons on your map that you haven't grayed out yet.

Leviathan Raid Order

The Leviathan raid is the Royal Pools > the Gauntlet > Pleasure Gardens > Calus fight. Be sure to study our Leviathan raid guide, as well as our guide on the Leviathan raid underbelly codes, to help stay out of the Castellum as much as you possibly can.

Leviathan Raid Challenge

This week's Leviathan raid challenge is the Royal Pools. Not the worst draw that you could get. Read our Royal Pools challenge guide to get your fireteam through with little to no fuss.

Faction Weapons for Sale

The only thing on the list that fits into the static weapon meta in Destiny 2 is Uriel's Gift, which is still a favorite to be used as your energy weapon in the Crucible. If by some crazy chance you don't own one, make sure you get your faction rank with Failsafe up high enough and buy this before next week.

  • Devrim Kay - Eystein-D Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Asher Mir - Tarantula Linear Legendary Fusion Rifle
  • Sloane - Negative Space Legendary Sword
  • Failsafe - The Mornin' Comes Legendary Sniper Rifle
  • Commander Zavala - Wicked Sister Legendary Grenade Launcher
  • Lord Shaxx - Martyr's Make Legendary Auto Rifle

Gunsmith Inventory

  • Weapon Mod: Solar Damage Mod
  • Hunter Cloak Mod: Kinetic Counterbalance Mod
  • Leg Armor Mod: Solar Imapact Mod

Eververse Inventory

  • Legendary Emote: Trendy Dance - 700 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Emote: Overnight Dance - 700 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Sparrow: Aldebaran - 600 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Ship: Nebula Bloom - 500 Bright Dust
  • Exotic Weapon Ornament: Book of the Dead (Vigilance Wing) - 800 Bright Dust
  • Exotic Weapon Ornament: The Future is Chrome (Hard Light) - 800 Bright Dust
  • Lgendary Chest Armor: Omega Mechanos - 1,200 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Ghost: Yellowspear Shell - 400 Bright Dust
  • Rare Transmat Effect: Ghost Blue - 450 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Shader: Cerulean Divide - 40 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Shader: Bumblebee - 40 Bright Dust
  • Fireteam Medallion Legendary Consumable - 50 Bright Dust
  • Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard Legendary Consumable - 350 Bright Dust
  • Gleaming Boon of the Crucible Legendary Consumable - 750 Bright Dust

That's your Destiny 2 weekly reset for February 13, 2018. Visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for everything you’ll ever need to be a great Guardian.


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