How Big Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Map?

Just how large is this 1403 recreation of Bohemia? 


Indie studio Warhorse Studios is an indie developer that is debuting with the ambitious, kickstarted game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game meticulously recreates the life of a blacksmith's son in 15th century Bohemia, land under siege, and players will have a lot of freedom to engage in many activities that reflect the era. Just how much space will you have to play around in, though?

How Large Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Map

The official player space in Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes to 16km2 or 4km x 4km. Though it may not compare with some of the largest maps in similar RPGs, the Bohemia Warhorse has created is fairly dense and vibrant. 

There's a fast-travel mechanic in the game, but players can be interrupted while doing so. You can be interrupted by something found on the path you're traveling, such as a dead body or animal carcass, or you can even be intercepted by bandits. Time progresses in the game and you must be mindful of the time progression when you set out with fast travel. You could end up in deep trouble out of the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. You must also be mindful of your character's health. If you're not careful, you could die en-route to a place far away.

In my time with the game, I've come across many diverse villages. No one is the same as the other and you'll witness many people living their lives in these places throughout the days and nights. There's still a bit of the map for me to discover 20+ hours into the game but, if you so wished, you could set out on foot or on a horse in any direction and get a head start on filling out the map. You never know what you may run into, though. Below you can find four images of the map with the areas I've already traversed.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a large and complex sandbox with many gameplay systems and areas to explore. Check out our ever expanding Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide and Walkthrough article for ways to keep you survive this dangerous world.

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