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Monster Hunter World - What is a Tailraider Voucher?

Don't be surprised if the Smithy doesn't know what to do with your Tailraider Voucher.


You can’t go five minutes in Monster Hunter World without picking up an item that baffles you as to its purpose. This was the case the first time I got my hands on a Lucky Voucher, and it was the case when I got my first Tailraider Voucher after my Palico friends returned from a Tailraider Safari.

Last updated on March 2, 2020, at 4:21 p.m. EST.

What is a Tailraider Voucher?

Tailraider Vouchers are earned by sending Palicos on a Tailraider Safari. This is done by speaking to the Housekeeper. Once the Tailraider Safari is complete you can revisit the Housekeeper to claim or see the rewards. This is where you’ll find your Tailraider Vouchers, assuming the Palicos brought any back for you.

The description of the Tailraider Voucher states that you should take it to Smithy to see what happens. This is both correct and incorrect. Yes, you spend Tailraider Vouchers at the Smithy, but nothing happens when you take it to him. Tailraider Vouchers are nothing more than a type of currency that you can spend at the Smithy when crafting certain items. He does not lose his mind when you possess one and start a conversation with him. Nothing happens at all, in fact.

One such item in my inventory that required a Tailraider Voucher to craft was the Rally Charm I. I have no interest in crafting it currently, but it’s nice to know it’s there. To get recipes for other items that require a Tailraider Voucher, be sure to complete the Grimalkyne quests that help you unlock Palico gadgets in Monster Hunter World.

Don’t stop at the Tailraider Voucher. For more on the most obscure items and concepts in the game, visit the Shacknews Monster Hunter World guide.


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