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Monster Hunter World - Head to the New Campsite

Not sure how to head to the new campsite in Monster Hunter World? It's easier than you think.


As you begin your journey in Monster Hunter World, your handler will assign you various tasks to complete. One of the early ones will be to complete an expedition where you must Head to the New Campsite. While this may seem easy, the mini map in Monster Hunter World isn’t the best, and objectives aren’t always marked by default.

Last updated on February 27, 2020, at 12:34 p.m. EST.

Head to the New Campsite

Head New Campsite Monster Hunter World

When you begin the expedition, you’ll need to head to the campsite. Immediately bring up your map. Not your mini map, but the proper map where you can zoom in and out to see things in more detail. You’ll note that the Ancient Forest is split into sectors or regions, each of which has been assigned a number. The campsite you need to move to is in Sector 11. Look for a dot at the top portion of that area. When you move your cursor over it, it should note that it’s the field team leader. If you set a waypoint for the team leader’s location, your fireflies will guide you there. If you don’t have a waypoint there, they won’t guide you to his location. Instead, the team leader will just endlessly call out to you to come to him. It’s not the least bit helpful.

Make your way to the field team team leader. When you arrive, you’ll be surprised that you cannot speak to him. This threw me off initially, but it’s normal. Look left of the team leader when you’re facing him. You’ll see some vines. Approach them and you can climb up those vines to the spot where the field team leader wants to build the new campsite. It’s also there that you’ll find the Kulu-Ya-Ku monster, which will be the focus of the final part of this expedition. It's at this point that you can play the expedition in co-op with a friend. I won’t spoil how that turns out for you, but you can probably guess.

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