Will Sea of Thieves Be on PS4?

Sea of Thieves will release on PC and Xbox One, but what about PS4?


The Sea of Thieves closed beta is starting to pick up steam. Xbox and PC players are getting the game downloaded and installed, but PS4 players have been left wondering when their turn might come. They aren’t going to like the answer. Be it the closed beta or the full release, PS4 players are fixing to be captains without a ship.

Will Sea of Thieves Be on PS4?

The short answer is that Sea of Thieves will not be coming to PS4. At least not any time soon, but probably not ever. Sea of Thieves is an Xbox One exclusive that is part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, meaning it will also release on the Microsoft Store for Windows users. This means that Xbox One and PC players can play together, but Microsoft doesn’t typically work well with Sony when it comes to exclusive rights to video games. In fairness, Sony doesn’t have a good track record of sharing, either.

Try to imagine a situation where Sony would send the Uncharted series to the Xbox One. That franchise sells consoles for them. Microsoft has been missing exclusives that will sell consoles in recent years, so there is little to no chance they will bring Sea of Thieves to the PS4. Ever.

All good news when it comes to Sea of Thieves is saved for Xbox One and Windows owners. The closed beta is in full swing, and if you buy the game on one platform, you automatically get a copy for the other. This means if you buy it on Xbox One, then buy or build a gaming PC down the road, you can make the switch to PC for free. The Xbox Play Anywhere program is a good one, so long as you aren’t a PS4 owner without a gaming PC.

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