When Is The Hunt: Showdown Closed Alpha?

The date and gameplay details for the upcoming testing period have been revealed by the Crytek team.


Crytek rebranded their Horrors of the Gilded Age game under the name Hunt: Showdown earlier last year and players will be able to get their hands on this new direction very soon. The competitive PvP horror-survival experience will be entering Early Access sometime this year, but first, the devs are opening up a closed alpha.

During the test, devs will be examining gameplay, balancing, and backend functionality while also courting feedback from the community. New weapons, equipment, traits, and ranks will be gradually released during the alpha as well so that the devs can get further insight into the game's progression and balancing. Access to the closed alpha will be random and details on when and how you can get a shot to play can be found below.

When Is The Closed Alpha?

The Hunt: Showdown closed alpha will go live on January 31, 2018. Exact times for testing haven't been released yet but we'll update as more information is made available.

How Can You Gain Access To The Hunt: Showdown Closed Alpha?

Sign-ups for the Hunt: Showdown closed alpha are still open and you can toss your hat into the zombie-infested swamp on the official website. You can also wishlist/follow the game on Steam to stay informed on further developments.

What Is Hunt: Showdown?

Taken from our previous report on the game's Early Access reveal, Hunt: Showdown is described as follows:

Hunt: Showdown blends horror, survival, stealth, monster hunting, and battle royale elements together into a crazy intense competitive experience. You and a partner are dropped into a large map with the goal to hunt a monstrous target. There are smaller dangerous creatures on the map as well, but you must defeat or avoid them as you collect clues that lead you to your main objective.
Your team isn't the only one on the hunt, though. Matches consist of up to five teams of two and, beyond potentially encountering these other hunters as you peruse the map, you'll draw the attention of all surviving teams once you acquire your bounty. After killing the target, it must be banished in order for you to collect your reward and this will give away your position. The final wave begins then and you must survive the monsters in your vicinity that are attracted and the hunters that come for your bounty.

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