Destiny 2 - Knucklehead Radar Exotic Hunter Helmet

The Knucklehead Radar is all about situational awareness, but how necessary is it these days?


The point of an exotic in Destiny 2 is to provide a unique intrinsic perk that gives players a new angle on their subclass or approach to an activity. Some exotics do this very well, and some fall flat on their face. Knucklehead Radar, the Exotic Hunter helmet I’ll be looking at today, doesn’t quite fall flat on its face unless you’re planning to wear it in a PvE situation.

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Knucklehead Radar Exotic Hunter Helmet

Knucklehead Radar Destiny 2

If Knucklehead Radar has any use at all, it's in the Crucible. I can't think of a reason it would ever be worn in PvE unless you forgot to take it off. That still begs the question; why did you put it on in the first place?

Upgraded Sensor Pack

Upgraded Sensor Pack Knucklehead Radar
  • Upgraded Sensor Pack: Provides radar while you're aiming. Enhances your radar resolution while crouched.

Knucklehead Radar has an intrinsic perk called Upgraded Sensor Pack. This perk gives you the ability to see your radar as you are aiming down sight, much the same way that the MIDA Multi-Tool does. The difference is that Knucklehead Radar applies this perk across all weapons so long as you’re wearing it, while the MIDA Multi-Tool only provides a radar while you’re ADS with that weapon. Upgraded Sensor Pack also gives Guardians enhanced radar while they're crouched.

When to use Knucklehead Radar

Knucklehead Radar Crucible

While I used to be a huge fan of the Knucklehead Radar in the Crucible when Destiny 2 first launched, I'm somewhat cooled off on it these days. There are just too many Exotic armor pieces that you should be wearing before considering one that only enhances your radar. Honestly, map knowledge and situational awareness should substitute for a huge chunk of what Knucklehead Radar has to offer. Plus, Upgraded Sensor Pack will only be useful to you while you're ADS since you can see your map otherwise. Unless you're crouched and staring at a corner or doorway with your gun raised, you can easily check your radar as you move around. I guess I could see a use for it if you're a sniper, but snipers in Destiny 2 tend to move around a lot, so even that is a stretch.

Knucklehead Radar takes an even bigger dive when it comes to PvE. I barely look at my radar in PvE situations. You play the same activities often enough and you understand where the enemies are coming from. Just like PvP, there are simply too many good PvE Exotics for Hunters. Knucklehead Radar isn't one of them.

How to get Knucklehead Radar

How Get Knucklehead Radar Destiny 2

Knucklehead Radar is part of the loot pool and, since it's old, it can also be sold by Xur. This is a fancy way of saying that you can acquire Knucklehead Radar through luck. It will either drop from any place that Exotics drop, or you can buy it if Xur brings it with him some weekend. The other option is to buy Xur's Exotic engram if you're on your Hunter. That engram will give you an Exotic that you don't already own. However, there is no quest to get Knucklehead Radar, so some luck is involved for those that wish to acquire it.

Knucklehead Radar lore

Knucklehead Radar Lore Destiny 2

The following is the lore behind the Knucklehead Radar in Destiny 2. This can be viewed in-game by opening your Collections and finding the listing for the item you want to read the lore for. You can even do this with items that you do not already own, assuming they aren't hidden from view until they are acquired.

You can see the point, right? Who wants to team up with one?

"If you were rich, what would you do with all your money?"
"Uh… I dunno. Maybe start my own business. Be some kinda bounty hunter."
"What you mean, bounty hunter? We got thousands of Guardians running around, bounty-hunting anything that moves!"
"Nuh-uh! That's all just sport. Them Awoken out in the Reef, I figure they might pay me to hunt folks down. And I got a secret. It's gonna gimme a real leg up on all them Guardians who come to copycat me when they see what a good idea I got."
"Yeah? What is it?"
"This Hunter, she sold me a visor that lets you find all the stupid enemies in a crowd. Called it 'knucklehead radar' or something like that."
"Huh. How's it work?"
"Couldn't tell ya."

Final verdict: You should absolutely own a Knucklehead Radar because you never know when Bungie will make it the best Exotic in the game, but that day isn't today. Leave it in your vault, regardless of whether you're playing PvP or PvE.

Now that you know the deal with Knucklehead Radar, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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