Destiny 2 - How to Spawn the Secret Traveler Ball

Learn how to spawn the giant Traveler ball in the Destiny 2 Tower.


There are usually a couple of cool things that you can do in any Destiny 2 social space. Whether it’s the Farm, the Lighthouse, or the Tower, you can count on something fun and meaningless to enjoy. In the Tower specifically, spawning the giant Traveler ball is cool, and it doesn’t take long before most nearby Guardians take their turn and bumping it around.

Spawn the Giant Traveler Ball

When you spawn in at the Tower you will almost always be in the Courtyard. Directly above this spawn location is a balcony with a ball that’s sitting on a pile of junk. You must move that ball from its location to another in the Tower, setting off a small fireworks display. You’ll then retrieve another ball from the place you got the original, and then deliver that one to a second location. This must be repeated four times to spawn the giant Traveler ball.

Purple Ball

The first ball you’ll find is the purple ball, and it must be taken to the balcony above where Lord Shaxx likes to hang out. The area is where you would find Lord Saladin when the Iron Banner event is taking place, so it should be easy to find. When the ball is situated in the right location, a small display of fireworks will kick off.

Green Ball

Return to where you picked up the purple ball and you’ll find a green ball. You must knock this over the balcony and to the main level of the Tower Courtyard. Look for a small staircase behind where Eververse is located. There will be a lone guard on the landing one flight down. Bump the ball down the steps and a second fireworks display will activate.

Black Ball

Return to the ball spawning location and you’ll find the black ball. This ball must be taken up one level and back towards two NPCs. You can’t interact with the NPCs, but the location is where you’ll see ships come and go as they visit the main area of the Tower. Bump the black ball over to the two NPCs and you’ll get your third fireworks display.

Blue Ball

Grab the blue ball from the same location that you found the rest, then bump it over the balcony and to the main level of the Courtyard in the Tower. You need to move the ball to the passage that connects Zavala to Lord Shaxx. This can be tricky, but if you position the ball in the middle of that passage you’ll get another fireworks display.

Soon after this is completed, a message will appear to announce that a huge ball has arrived. If you look back to where the four previous balls spawned, there will be fireworks in the sky and a huge ball that looks like the Traveler floating down into the Tower. This ball can be enjoyed ball all, but some Warlock bitter about their mobility will usually knock it off the Tower and ruin the fun.

It’s also worth noting that if any of the four balls are knocked off the Tower while you’re trying to unlock the Traveler ball, you simply start that portion again. It won’t reset the entire event on you, which is nice.

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