Destiny 2 - How to Find the Secret Room in the Tower

Did you know there’s a secret room in the Tower that contains some unique lore?


Destiny 2 lacks the same level of lore and secrets that the original Destiny had, but there are a few cool things to experience if you’re willing to look. One such secret takes place in the Tower. It’s a secret room that not many know about, and even fewer know how to find. Inside you’ll be treated to a bit of lore that might not add up to much, but I’ll take all the lore I can get when it comes to Destiny 2.

Find the Secret Tower Room

You’ll most likely spawn in at the Courtyard area of the Tower. You want to head toward the Hangar. Run all the way there until you come out where Cayde-6 is just to the right. Instead of going to see Cayde-6, though, go up the nearby stairs until you’re on a catwalk.

Follow the catwalk as it takes you counterclockwise around the area that Amanda Holliday and Cayde-6 occupy. As you circle around and find yourself facing back towards the Courtyard, jump over the left railing and onto some pipes. From there, hop to a nearby catwalk directly above the entrance to the Hangar from the Courtyard.

Follow the catwalk until you reach a large ventilation pipe that is large enough for you to run through. Follow it and turn right, crouching and moving through another ventilation shaft. This will deliver you to a room with some large screens on the left and a table on the right. The table gives you the option to investigate a book with the Daito logo on it, but it’s slightly bugged. You might have to wiggle around to get it to pop.

Investigating the book will cause your Ghost to speak of Ana Bray from House of Bray. Most of the journal is redacted, with entire pages missing, and your Ghost will sense that something is wrong. It’s not the only time that Ana Bray is mentioned in Destiny 2 through these investigations, but there are a lot more questions about this Hunter Gunslinger than answers.

For more secrets and cool things to see in Destiny 2, be sure to visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide that we have set up. It will walk you through all things that a good Guardian would be interested in.


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