Destiny 2 - What Weapon to Take from Ikora Rey

In Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, Ikora Rey has a new weapon for Guardians to choose from.


With every Destiny 2 expansion will come new quests and new gear. Curse of Osiris is not different, and Guardians will have to rummage through dozens of new weapons and armor pieces to figure out which ones are the best. A similar decision must be made during the Curse of Osiris story, when Ikora Rey asks you to choose between three weapons. It’s a tough choice if you’re not sure what qualifies as good and what as bad in Destiny 2.

What Weapon to Take from Ikora Rey

Ikora Rey will offer you a choice between three legendary weapons. Each one is comparable to weapons that are already in the game, so which one should you choose?

  • Positive Outlook - Energy Weapon - Auto Rifle
  • Living Memory - Kinetic Weapon - Hand Cannon
  • Eternal Blazon - Energy Weapon - Scout Rifle

The Positive Outlook is very similar to one of the best auto rifles in the game, Uriel’s Gift. In fact, they have the same impact rating, and both are built on the Precision Frame. The Positive Outlook, however, has better range, stability and reload speed. It only falls behind Uriel’s Gift in the handling category, and just by a sliver. Both weapons can fire 450 rounds per minute and have 33 round magazine by default. If you dig auto rifles and don’t yet have a Uriel’s Gift, this might be the choice for you.

The Living Memory hand cannon is also comparable to a very popular weapon in Destiny 2, Better Devils. They have an identical impact, but Better Devils has a sliver more range than Living Memory. Living Memory has a bit more stability though, and both weapons have identical handling. The reload speed of Living Memory lags just a bit behind Better Devils. Both weapons can fire 140 rounds per minute and have a 13-round magazine. Each one is built on the Adaptive Frame, but I believe Better Devils has the better default perk with projectiles creating an area-of-effect detonation on impact. Still, if you don’t have a Better Devils and you want one, this isn’t a terrible runner-up.

I chose the Eternal Blazon mostly because I’m a scout rifle player. I use them almost exclusively in either my Kinetic or Energy slot. That’s an important factor in your choice; if you are someone who likes a specific type of weapon above others, go with what works for you. The best hand cannon in the world isn’t likely to be much use to someone who almost always uses scout rifles. In fact, I have a Better Devils and don’t ever bother using it.

I’m going to compare the Eternal Blazon to the Nameless Midnight. However, Nameless Midnight is a Kinetic weapon and Eternal Blazon is an Energy weapon. They do have very similar, if not identical, impact ratings. The Eternal Blazon is a bit behind the Nameless Midnight with its range. Stability, though, is nearly equal. Handling is better with the Eternal Blazon, and the reload speed is a toss-up. The major differences appear when you compare the rounds per minute, as the Eternal Blazon tops out at 200, and the Nameless Midnight 180. The Eternal Blazon also has a 17-round magazine compared to 16 for the Nameless Midnight. It’s also worth noting that Nameless Midnight is built on the Precision frame and the Eternal Blazon the Lightweight frame. Overall, they look comparable, but Nameless Midnight still feels a bit more effortless in terms of aiming and firing.

If the Curse of Osiris DLC is anything like the base game, expect that when you play through the story a second and third time, you’ll be able to grab the two weapons you didn’t choose this time around. Therefore, it’s not a huge deal if you end up with something you aren’t a fan of. You can always correct that later, or even acquire the other weapons from legendary engrams.

Now that you know what weapon to take from Ikora Rey, be sure to visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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