Hitman: The Source - Divine Intervention Challenge

Find the Vodka Bottle and complete the Divine Intervention challenge on The Source.


With Hitman’s Patient Zero campaign comes four new missions and dozens of new challenges that virtual assassins can complete. One of the more interesting challenges takes place in the first mission, The Source. It’s here that you’re tasked with killing Oybek Nabazov through the Divine Intervention challenge where you set him on fire. To do this, you must first locate the Vodka Bottle and complete the setup.

Divine Intervention Challenge

To prep for this mission, you’ll need the Disposable Scrambler or Remote Breaching Charges. I also like to bring along the ICA Silverballer to complete another challenge called Slam Dunk, where you kill Sister Yulduz by launching her into the canopy. I also like to bring the Concealable Baton, although this is only a personal preference for knocking out NPCs that are in my way.

You’ll spawn in at the Hotel Front Terrace. Exit the cut scene immediately and enter the main doors to the hotel. Turn right before you hit the front desk and head into the restaurant area. Go behind the counter where the lone chef is cooking and grab the Vodka Bottle off the end. Backtrack towards the front lobby, turning right and going up the stairs. Go the only way you can until you hit the main stairwell, then take it up on level and you’ll be near 47’s room.

Directly in front of you is Agent 47’s room, but you don’t need to go in there. To the right of that room is the one you need to access. Use either the Disposable Scanner or Remote Breaching Charges to open the door, then head inside and snag the Cult Initiate disguise from the bedroom. Exit the hotel room and make your way to the third floor where you’ll find your targets.

Go through the door to enter the convention, then through the curtain to find yourself in the main room. I like to bump into Oybek Nabazov here to slow him down, but I’m not certain you need to. In the middle of the room are four display tables, one with curtains around it. Approach that table and grab the Coins.

Go through the curtain on the north side of the room. Turn right and run past the sign that directs you to the private ceremony, then go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you’ll take another right, ducking into the room on your left that a lone guard is looking at.

With the doors open, toss a Coin on the floor to lure the guard inside. Knock him out however you wish, then change into his Cult Bodyguard disguise. Straight in front of you as you exit the room will be the option to Sabotage Fire Retardant Liquid. Do so and Oybek Nabazov is ready to die.

There aren’t many enforcers up here, so you’re free to find one of the four doors that are scattered around the center area and watch him go up in flames. You can also change back into your Cult Initiate disguise and attend the ceremony yourself, but for this you’ll have to be frisked. Just leave any weapons in the room with the knocked-out guard and you’re good.

That’s it for the Divine Intervention challenge in Hitman while playing The Source. This challenge pairs very well with another one called Slam Dunk where you kill Sister Yulduz, so consider combining the two for an even cooler assassination plan.

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