Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Salvage Points For The Artificial Blade Parts

Before you can help Tora finish his artificial blade project, you'll need to get Bion Connectors and a Perfect Range Sensor.


Early in your adventure, you'll make a new friend in Tora. Tora isn't a Driver and has even tried to bond with a Core Crystal (with very poor results), but Tora has found another way to be of use in combat: An artificial Blade named Poppi. Before you can get this creation moving, though, you must grab few items. 

Tora needs a Perfect Range Sensor and three Bion Connectors to make Poppi whole. Once you reach the NPC that Tora directs you to, the Perfect Range Sensor is easily obtained by heading a little ways from town and defeating a few monsters. The Bion Connectors, on the other hand, can be earned a couple ways.

Hitting Salvage Points For Bion Connectors

If you decide against purchasing Bion Connectors (you should), you're encouraged to visit Salvage Points and attempt diving for the parts. You're introduced to the Salvage mechanic at the start of the game, but you may not have discovered Points in Gormott Province. Here is where you'll find the two in town:

Saets Chief's Residence - Not far from the market square

Grodd Residential Zone - Down at the end of one of the long piers

I dove at both Salvage Points, but I earned all three Bion Connectors from the Salvage Point at Saets Chief's Residence. It's likely random so, if you don't have success at one, go to the other. Also, I used standard salvage gear on my dives. No need to spend the extra money on better gear because it defeats the purpose of saving money by salvaging.

Purchasing Bion Connectors

Because this is so soon into Xenoblade Chronicles, you likely won't be able to afford to purchase the fairly expensive Bion Connectors at 4,000 credits apiece from the nearest vendor. There's a side-quest you may have come across that also demands a lot of money as well, so this option will be the least desirable. Going with the Salvage option prevents you from wasting time grinding for credits as well.

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