Best Black Friday PlayStation VR Deals 2017

Check out the Black Friday 2017 deals for PSVR hardware, accessories, and software!


As incredible as VR technology is, the immersive experience all for naught if there’s no cool software paired with the HMD. Thankfully, Sony built a solid foundation with the PS VR launch and has taken significant steps in the year since. There’s still plenty of room to grow in the VR software ecosystem, but Black Friday 2017 on November 24 is going to serve as a chance to get some of the best experiences available now in addition to grabbing an HMD if you don’t already own one.

What’s Needed For PlayStation VR

Like its tethered brethren, you’ll need something to run PS VR. Thankfully you’ll only need either a PS4 or a PS4 Pro instead of investing in a high-end PC build. The original console can run VR, but the Pro is optimized for virtual gameplay in a few ways. The Pro has more horsepower so there’s a boost in standard and virtual games. There’s also an additional USB port on the rear of the system to allow for better cable management on the console when using the PS VR, which will be even more crucial as you add more gear for VR play.

You’ll need the PlayStation Camera for VR and, if you don’t have one already, Sony is including the Camera with the standard PlayStation VR bundle now. If you want to get a bit more immersed, you’ll want to grab the PlayStation Move controllers so you can fight, shoot, and more with those instead of just using a gamepad.

The addition of the Move controllers, which require their own USB port to charge, will be easier with the PS4 Pro because of the additional port. The launch of first-person shooter Farpoint also served as the introduction of PS VR Aim, a gun-shaped peripheral that a Move controller can be mounted in. This is another optional item that will enhance your experience. With all of that, the collection wouldn’t be complete without some great software.

• PS4 or PS4 Pro
• PlayStation VR HMD
• PlayStation Camera
• PS VR Enabled/Exclusive Games
• PlayStation Move (Optional)
• PlayStation VR Aim (Optional)

Deals For PlayStation VR Hardware On Black Friday


• Gran Turismo Sport VR Bundle$299
• PS4 1TB$199

Best Buy:

• Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel — $199.99


• PS4 1TB + PS VR + PlayStation Camera Bundle — $549


• PlayStation VR — $199.99 (Doorbuster)
• PS4 w/ Call of Duty WWII — $199.99 (Doorbuster)


• PS4 1TB — $189.99
• PS4 w/ Call of Duty WWII & Destiny 2 — $289.99


• PlayStation VR w/ PS Camera & Gran Turismo Sport — $299.99
• PS4 1TB — $199.99


• PS4 1TB w/ $60 Kohl's Cash — $199.99 (Doorbuster)


• PS4 Slim 1TB Console$199.99


• PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle w/ PlayStation Camera$299.99
• PS4 Pro 1TB — $349.99
• PS4 1TB w/ $50 Gift Card — $199.99
• Thrustmaster T150 Pro Limited Edition Racing Wheel — $219.99
• Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel — $89.99


• PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle - $299.99
• PS4 1TB - $199.99

Best Deals For PS VR Games On Black Friday


• Resident Evil 7$15
• PlayStation Plus$10 off all cards

Check back regularly to see the deals that are added for PlayStation VR! We'll be updating our lists all the way up to Black Friday, November 24 and we have a Cyber Monday 2017 and Black Friday 2017 hub just for you.

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