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Wolfenstein 2 - All of Max's Toys Locations

Find all 15 of Max’s Toys in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.


Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has over 200 collectibles that you can find. Some of these are found in the main story missions, but others are only accessible using the Enigma Machine and by unlocking the Uberkommandant missions. Max’s Toys are almost all found in the Uberkommandant missions, so you’ll need to progress decently far into the game before you can start collecting most of them.

All Max’s Toys Locations

Max’s Toy 1: Robot - Find the Robot in Uberkommandant mission in the Manhattan Bunker. When you spawn into the level, it’s at the furthest point from your spawn location. It’s in Basement Level 4, tucked behind some crates in an alcove.

Max’s Toy 2: Ball - Max’s Toy Ball can only be found during the Uberkommandant mission in the Harbor District of Manhattan. It will be in the same building as the Uberkommandant, on the third floor sitting next to a boarded-up window.

Max’s Toy 3: Airplane - Max’s Toy Airplane is found in an area to the right of the second subway that you activate during the Manhattan mission. However, this area is only accessible after you unlock the Uberkommandant mission. You’ll find it on the floor of a subway car.

Max’s Toy 4: Boat - You must unlock the Manhattan: Subway Uberkommandant mission to find Max’s Toy Boat. It’s in a subway car as you make your way towards the Uberkommandant. Pass through a small tunnel, enter a subway car, and then find it on the floor of the car.

Max’s Toy 5: Flying Saucer - You must unlock the Manhattan: State Building Uberkommandant mission to find Max’s Toy Flying Saucer. Once you head into the basement where you find the Uberkommandant, you can pick up Max’s Toy sitting behind one of the desks.

Max’s Toy 6: Baseball Bat - Find Max’s Toy in the Roswell: Downtown Uberkommandant mission. Across the street from the gas station is a store called Klasse Spielzeug. You can’t get inside, but you can smash the window open and grab Max’s Toy from outside the store.

Max’s Toy 7: Tank - You must unlock the Roswell: Underground Uberkommandant mission to get Max’s Toy Tank. You will find it in Basement Level 3. It will be in a small room with several computer terminals. Find it sitting on the desk next to a keyboard.

Max’s Toy 8: Paper Plane - To get Max’s Toy Paper Plane you must unlock the Mesquite Farmhouse Uberkommandant mission. When you begin, run forward and around a van with a burning barrel beside it. The Paper Plane will be located on a table on the opposite side of the van.

Max’s Toy 9: Minivan - Max’s Toy Minivan is found during the New Orleans: Ghetto Uberkommandant mission. You will find it inside a bar near or where the Uberkommandant is located. Once you find the bar, Max’s Toy will be sitting on top of the bar close to the window.

Max’s Toy 10: Sailboat - During the New Orleans: Wall Uberkommandant mission you can grab Max’s Toy Sailboat. You will find it in the area where the Uberkommandant is located. It will be sitting on a shelf next to a poster and computer terminal.

Max’s Toy 11: Alligator - Max’s Toy Alligator is found during the New Orleans: Bienville Street Uberkommandant mission. You’ll find it in Basement Level 1, tucked into a small alcove in the sewers. It’s near a metal grate.

Max’s Toy 12: Rocket - Players can find the Rocket while on the New Orleans: Lakeview Uberkommandant mission. After you swim to exit the sewers, look for a shop that you must enter through a window. Do so, then exit through the opposite windows. Max’s Toy Rocket is by a dumpster.

Max’s Toy 13: Car - You can Find Max’s Toy Car during the Venus: Habitat Uberkommandant mission. It is found in Raum 3, which I’m sure you’ve figured out stands for Room 3. As soon as you enter the room you will find the Car on a table on the left side.

Max’s Toy 14: Laser Gun - Grab Max’s Toy Laser Gun from the control room in the Uberkommandant mission called Venus: Transporthalle. It’ll be sitting between two keyboards, next to a coffee cup and an ashtray. This should be the room where the Uberkommandant is located.

Max’s Toy 15: Zeppelin - Max’s Toy Zeppelin is found at the very start of the Venus: Oberkommando level that is part of the Uberkommandant missions. Look to your right as soon as you begin and there will be a cart with a crate on it. The Zeppelin will be behind the crate but sitting on the cart.

If you have all 15 of Max’s Toys, you should have just unlocked the Toy Collector trophy/achievement. You can find more collectibles by reading our Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus walkthrough and guide.

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