Wolfenstein 2 - All 10 Record Locations

All 10 Record locations in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Unlock the Audiophile trophy/achievement.


Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has over 200 collectibles. Everywhere you look there's something to pick up, but that actually makes it difficult to keep track of what you have and what you need. For the vinyl-loving gamers like myself, I've gone through the trouble of finding all 10 Record locations scattered throughout the game. Some will require you to unlock the Uberkommandant missions and use the Enigma Machine, and some will be sitting right in front of you as you play the main story.

All 10 Record Locations

Record 1: Hans: Mein Kleiner VW - The first Record is found in the Manhattan mission. Go into the Police Station in the Harbor District. Head to the second floor and jump the first desk. Hug the wall and you’ll find the Record sitting on the second desk.

Record 2: Schwartz Rote Welle: Ich bin Uberall - This Record is found in the Ruins District of Manhattan. After you kill the massive Zitadelle enemy, you will find this Record in the building across from the bombed out building with the Kommandant. It’s behind a desk.

Record 3: Die Kafer: Changeover Day - This Record is found in the Penthouse District of Manhattan. It is on a coffee table in the middle of some chairs and sofas. It will be close to the window you jump from to reach the helicopter and end the mission.

Record 4: Die Kafer: Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja - A record is found in the Downtown District of Roswell. If you head into the Neumond Recording Company building you will find the Record. It’s sitting what looks like a speaker next to a set of drums. This is only accessible during the Uberkommandant mission.

Record 5: The Comet Tails: Weltram Surfen - Grab a Record after the train ride in the in the Roswell mission. It will be in the Hangar District. There are a couple of control rooms on the left side if your back is to the train. You’ll find the Record in the corner and under the desk.

Record 6: The Bunkers: Toe the Line - You can only get this Record in the Nuclear Bunker District of Manhattan. This can be done as part of the mission called A New Suit, where Blazkowicz sets out to recover the New Orleans dossier for Grace. Find it on the desk in the same room as the dossier.

Record 7: Zug nach Hamburg: Die Schaferhunde - This Record is found before you enter the wall during the New Orleans mission. There is a body of water in front of where you start. Across is a building with a hole in the wall. Inside that building you’ll find the Record on the back counter.

Record 8: Wilbert Eckart und seine Volksmusik Stars: House of the Rising Sun - Add this Record to your collection during the Lakeview Uberkommandant mission. Across from the large house is a vehicle with its back door ajar. In the back of the vehicle you can pick up this Record.

Record 9: Vicktor und die Vokalisten: Berlin Boys and Stuttgart Girls - A Record is found after your audition with Hitler. Leave your room and look for Raum 8. You will find the Record at the back of the room sitting on the bench. You can’t miss it.

Record 10: Karl and Karla: Tapferer Kleiner Liebling - The final Record is found during Uberkommandant mission Venus: Oberkommando. Near the Uberkommandant, look for a room with F. Wetterwisser on a plate beside the door. The Record is on a table beside a statue.

That does it for each of the 10 Record locations in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. This should unlock the Audiophile trophy/achievement. For more collectibles, visit our Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus walkthrough and guide.

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