Wolfenstein 2 - Where to Find Fergus' Arm

Drinks were had, and an arm was lost. Here’s where to find Fergus’ arm in Wolfenstein 2.


Wolfenstein 2 does a masterful job of story pacing. One minute everything is going wrong and the world might end, and the next you’re getting drunk on a captured Nazi U-boat. You know good times were had when you get blasted on a U-boat, right?

Unfortunately, the best drunken nights always end up with someone losing something. Normally it’s just a cell phone but, in this case, if you chose the Fergus timeline in the game, it’s an arm. Even though that thing seems to give him more trouble than it’s worth, you’ll need to find Fergus’ arm to continue on to more serious business.

Find Fergus’ Arm

The proper way to find Fergus’ arm is to move around the Evas Hammer and talk to lots of people. They will tell you specific NPCs that you need to talk to, and those NPCs will help narrow down your search. If you want to do it the right way, just walk around and talk to people for a bit, but eventually you’ll need to talk to Paris Jack in the cantina.

Paris Jack has an idea of what happened and where you can find Fergus’ arm. Once your conversation ends he will advise that you go to the hangar.

Enter the hangar and you’ll see a helicopter. Switch to your Laserkraftwerk. At the back of the helicopter will be a crate that you can use your Laserkraftwerk to cut a hole in. Do this, and then cut one more hole in the back of the crate. You’ll notice that you can crawl through it and into a vent. Follow the vent a short distance and you’ll be able to pick up Fergus’ arm.

Continue to follow the vent for a bit and you’ll emerge in the locker room. Head up the stairs and move straight to find yourself in the cantina again. Head to the upper level to Club Kreisau and approach Fergus. You can now reattach Fergus’ arm to complete this quest.

As a side note, you can skip all the talking and just go straight into the hanger and retrieve the arm right away. If you aren’t interested in wasting time, that’s a possibility.

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