Super Mario Odyssey Complete Strategy Guide

Get tips, locations of power moons, and more in our complete strategy guide for Super Mario Odyssey.


Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch is the newest 3D action-adventure game in Nintendo's series of Super Mario platformers. A descendant of earlier titles in the series such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Odyssey spans dozens of worlds, known as kingdoms, and tasks you with saving Princess Peach from Bowser and collecting artifacts known as power moons.

Bookmark our complete strategy guide to Super Mario Odyssey for quick access to our tips and tricks, walkthroughs for retrieving specific power moons, conquering kingdoms, and learning all about the capture ability granted to you through Cappy, Mario's sentient cap and the newest sidekick in Nintendo's Mario universe.

Super Mario Odyssey Platforming Moves

Between Cappy, fundamental platforming techniques, and motion-based gestures performed using your Switch Joy-Con or Pro Controller, Super Mario Odyssey is brimming with maneuvers you'll need to master to collect power moons and complete the adventure.

  • Long Jump: A staple technique since 1996, press and hold ZL then quickly tap B or A while running to vault over long distances.
  • Backflip: Hold ZL to crouch, then press A or B to backflip.
  • Ground Pound: While airborne, tap ZL to drop straight down in an earth-shaking stomp. Use this to break crates and even certain parts of the ground.
  • Roll: Mario can roll downhill like a snowball to cover ground quickly. To roll, hold ZL to drop into a crouch while running, then repeatedly tap Y or X to roll. (You can also shake your Joy-Con or Pro Controller to keep up your momentum, but pressing X or Y works just as well.
  • Climb: Shimmy up skinny trees and poles by pressing Mario against them and using up and down on your analog stick. Waggle your controller—or, easier yet, tap X or Y—to climb faster.

Quick Super Mario Odyssey How-To Article

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