South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Finding Big Al's Big Gay Cats

It's gonna take some ingenuity to catch all of Big Al's cats but we've got just the guide you need.


There are plenty of side-quests for you to participate in during your playthrough of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, but few are as fabulous as the Big Al's Big Gay Cats quest.

You start this particular quest by speaking with Big Gay Al at his home, which you'll find to the right of the playground basketball courts. The quest will become available sometime after acquiring your secondary character class. Speak with Al and he'll send you on a scavenger hunt In this hunt you'll be looking for six cats but finding them isn't the end. You'll have to use some skill to capture this big gay cats and we've got the breakdown for you. Completion will earn you the Feline Costume Set and Snowcat Costume Set.

Warning: You'll need to have completed the Bowels of the Beast and Medicinal Fried Fiasco quests in order to have the correct abilities and area access to find and capture all the cats. You risk crippling your chances of completing the quest if you start the hunt before doing so.

Big Gay Blossom

At SoDoSoPa, you'll see a pinwheel to use Fartkour ability. Do this a couple times to get to the upper level and then walk over to the left to gram Blossom. This cat won't run off, so just grab it. 

Big Gay Kirby

Location: Bebe’s House

The house you're looking for is the last on the block before South Park Elementary and Kirby will be up in a tree. Use Snap N Pop firecracker to break the branch and then TimeFart Pause once it lands. Then, grab the big cat quickly.

Big Gay Loki

Location: South Park Mall

This Loki isn't as much of a trickster as its namesake, but you'll find it to the right of the South Park Mall construction site. Don't get close when you sit, not before using TimeFart Pause at least. Once you do, grab the cat before the ability wears off.

Big Gay Shadow

Location: Between Photo Dojo and The Playground

This cat will be just relaxing in the snow directly south of the Bijou theater. When you get close, the cat will freak out and jump which is when you should use the TimeFart Pause. Once you do, snatch the kitten out of the air.

Big Gay Bono

Location: South Park Church - Left of the church

You'll spot Bono up in a tree in this area. Use Snap N Pop firecracker to break the branch and force the cat to fall down to you. As soon as it lands, use TimeFart Pause to stop time and grab the cat before it runs away.

Big Gay Bogie

Location: Hillvale Farm

Head to the farm on the Northeast side of town. A farmer will be in your way and you'll need to use your abilities to maneuver past him. He'll follow your moves, so move him far right or left. Once you do, use TimeFart Pause and then move the bucket next to him to keep him from impeding your path.

After going into the woods north of this area, you'll spot Bogie in a tree to the left. Use Snap N Pop to bring it down and TimeFart Pause to stop it from dashing away. Then, grab the big cat.

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