Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige Raid Changes and Differences

Find out what’s changed in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige Raid.


With the Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige raid, Bungie introduced a bunch of mechanical changes, and made the enemies tougher to kill. I’ll look at what’s changed in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige raid.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige Raid Changes

The first big change that people should be aware of is the revive system. Previously, you could revive one teammate each. This meant that your entire fireteam had one revive each, and six total. I could die five times, but a different member of my fireteam would need to get me back up each time. On the other hand, if I revived a teammate, and then another one died, I would not personally be able to get the second player up. Someone else would have to do that.

The revive system is back, but with a change that is designed to kick you in the face right off the bat. If you die, you lose your revive token. This means that if I die, the player who gets me up must not have died during that section, and must not have revived anyone else. It’s designed to cause you problems, which it most certainly will do.

Gauntlet Prestige Changes

The Gauntlet was one of the easier portions of the raid if it didn’t Destiny you, but it’s about to get a bit tougher. The changes here are that the shielded Psions will spawn at the plate, only there are two. There will be one in front of the plate where it normally is, and another that’s close by. Both will need to be killed to avoid a wipe.

There is also the Proven Worth debuff that needs to be dealt with. Once a runner makes it through a round of the course, they get the Proven Worth debuff. This stops you from being able to run again. You will need two new players to navigate on the second round, and two more new players on the third. All players on your team need the Proven Worth buff.

Once all players enter the Gauntlet at the end, there will only be three orbs, not four. Three Guardians will have to skip getting orbs each run. This shouldn’t mess up your team much, as there were only four orbs previously. An additional player must skip each gate, that’s all.

Royal Pools Prestige Changes

Most of this section is the same, but enemies are a lot tougher and do a lot more damage. Beyond that, only two major changes are found in the Royal Pools.

First, when you kill a Ceremonial Bather, they will drop a pool on the ground. If you step in this pool it will decrease your Psionic Protection much faster. Avoid stepping in the pools of purple goo, obviously.

Beyond that, there is a change following the damage phase. After the damage phase ends, you’ll need to look at the center plate and take note of your symbol. As per usual, this will be Dog, Cup, Axes or Sun. You will then need to run to the plate that has that symbol on it to receive the Psionic Protection buff. If you do not do this, your team will wipe. Beyond that, the Royal Pools remain relatively the same.

Pleasure Gardens Prestige Changes

The Pleasure Gardens were probably the toughest part of the raid before, and that remains the case now. There are some minor changes that will cause players significant problems getting through this section.

First, there are now eight Royal Beasts instead of six. If you thought moving around the Pleasure Gardens sucked before, it’s worse now. This is amplified by the fact that the pathing for the original six Royal Beasts has also changed. This one is all about repetition and learning the new pathing for the Royal Beasts, but other than that there are no changes.

Emperor Calus Prestige Changes

There is only one change to the Emperor Calus boss fight in the Prestige raid, but it’s a big one. When a player kills a Psion in the throne room, they will be instantly teleported to the purple skull world, and a player from the purple skull world will be teleported back into the throne room. This will cause all kinds of chaos and communication challenges, and your weaker Guardians will be exposed here. Luckily, Calus can still be killed in one phase, so there’s that to look forward to.

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