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How to Preload Destiny 2 on PC

You can now preload Destiny 2 on PC ahead of its upcoming launch.


Destiny 2 has been out on the PS4 and Xbox One for over a month now, but soon it will be time for PC players to jump in and get their careers as Guardians started. While October 24 is the official PC launch date, nobody wants to wait until the last minute to install the game. This has potential PC players wondering when the Destiny 2 PC preload will be available, and how they can install the game.

How to Preload Destiny 2 on PC

Players will be able to preload Destiny 2 on PC through the Blizzard’s desktop app. This can be downloaded directly from the site. Once you click the option to download you will see a list of games that may or may not apply to you. Simply scroll through the list until you see the Blizzard app listing. Click the link the right side of that listing for Windows or Mac.

After you run the installer you’ll be prompted to sign in or create an account. You’ll have to do this before you can proceed. Once you’re signed in you’ll be taken to the main app screen. On the left side you’ll see a bunch of games listed, and at the very bottom under Activision will be Destiny 2.

Players who have already purchased Destiny 2 on PC through the app will see that when they open the Destiny 2 section. If the game was purchased elsewhere and you were provided with a code, this is also where you redeem it. Once you’ve taken care of one of those two options, you’ll see that the button to install it is there. The option to preload Destiny 2 on PC just went live, so you can dive in right now and preload ahead of its official launch.

The preload for Destiny 2 is currently live, and it will take you some time to install. While you wait for that, and the official launch, read our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide to get yourself ready for Destiny 2 on PC.


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