Shadow of War - How to Save Your Game

Learn how you can save your game in Shadow of War.


There is no obvious save game mechanic at work in Shadow of War, and that can make players a tad nervous. Nobody wants to do battle with a Captain far stronger than they are without knowing they won’t lose loads of progress upon defeat. Luckily, the save game mechanic in Shadow of War is there, even if it isn’t that obvious to most players.

How to Save Your Game

The easiest way to save your game in Shadow of War is to fast travel using a Haedir. Anyone who has put more than an hour into the game should know how to do this by now, as one of the first main quests has you purify a Haedir in Minas Ithil. Once you have a single Haedir unlocked, you can manually save your game just by fast-traveling to a purified Haedir in any of the game’s regions.

What you can’t do, though, is save your game through the pause menu in Shadow of War. That’s just not an option but, so far, I haven’t found that it’s needed to be. It doesn’t take long to unlock a Haedir, and my first order of business in any new region is to move to each Haedir and purify it, giving me good access to all that region’s smaller areas.

Shadow of War will also save after certain in-game events, such as a mission or quest completion. If you finish a main story mission, or even an objective within one, your progress is automatically saved. The same will go for when you finish a battle with a Captain and, yes, that includes if you die. If you die to a Captain the game is going to save automatically, so that’s not an event you’ll be able to undo. That’s the entire basis for the Nemesis system in Shadow of War.

Now that you know how the save game mechanic works, be sure to visit our Shadow of War walkthrough and guide for more information.

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