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Oculus' Untethered VR Prototype Santa Cruz Enters Next Phase

The untethered PC VR project takes its next step with fully tracked controllers.


The Oculus team has an ambitious goal of bringing VR to 1 billion people and a large part of that involves marrying affordability and power. The newly announced Oculus Go is a manifestation of this idea, but won't likely represent the highest tier of experiences VR is capable of providing. That is something tethered headsets like the Oculus Rift is designed for, but there's an initiative that wants to eliminate the complex setup that comes with Rift and it is called Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz was revealed last year at Oculus Connect but has undergone some significant changes since. Now, the prototype includes two positionally tracked 6DOF controllers and they utilize the inside-out constellation tracking contained in the headset, so no tracking towers will be needed. The setup uses four ultra-wide sensors which will give users a large range of movement. 


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