Shadow of War - Interrogate Worms and Kill Captains

Learn how to interrogate Worms and kill Captains in Shadow of War.


Captains are going to become a constant pain for Talion as you play Shadow of War. They are often very powerful enemies surrounded by their allies. Each one has Strengths and Weaknesses that can avoided or exploited, but you must learn what they are before combat. This is where Worms come in. Gaining some intelligence from a Worm can help you defeat your enemies by exploiting their Weaknesses.

How to Interrogate a Worm

To interrogate a Worm, you must first find a Worm. Worms are marked on your mini map and in the Wraith World as green, diamond shaped icons. They are mixed all throughout the world that you’re in, often surrounded by their allies, or at least near some.

After you spot a Worm, form a plan of attack from the high ground. If you’re close enough, you can use the Interrogate option directly from an aerial attack, ensuring your target won’t be able to escape, as Worms often try to flee. If you’re not taking advantage of the high ground, you can simply run up to any Worm and press the interrogate button to initiate the process. This will take you directly to a screen that shows all Captains in that region and allows you to reveal intel on one of them. During this time, you cannot be harmed by other enemies, so interrogating a Worm surrounded by their allies isn’t as bad as you might think.

After you reveal intel on one of the Captains, you’ll be returned to the game world. If you interrogated a Worm surrounded by other enemies, retreat to the high ground, or fight your way through them if you see some benefit to that. Either way, when things quiet down you can bring up your map. All Captains in the region that you’ve discovered intel on will be marked by an orange skull, while Captains which you have no intel on will be marked with a white skull. If you hover over an orange skull Captain icon, you can see that Captain’s name and level, and even view details of their Strengths and Weaknesses. You can also mark them as your objective to make them easy to find.

How to Kills Captains

Killing Captains isn’t a simple process. There is no trick that applies to each of them, as each one has their own Strengths and Weaknesses. Each one is a different level, meaning you will struggle or excel based on your level versus theirs.

When you discover intel on a Captain you think you can kill, mark them as your current objective and make your way to some high ground in their area. Study their Strengths and Weaknesses and figure out what combat skills you possess that can be used against them. For example, if they are vulnerable to fire, you can use your bow to ignite a fire pit nearby, dealing damage to them without exposing yourself in the process. If they are vulnerable to stealth, you could use an aerial attack to inflict damage on them, then fleet to the high ground before they can retaliate. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

When killed, Captains will almost always drop high level gear that you can use. However, if a Captain kills you, they will become more powerful, setting up a Vendetta mission that Talion can undertake within a specific amount of time. If the first go was rough, expect the second one to be even worse.

Now that you know how to interrogate Worms and kill Captains, visit our Shadow of War walkthrough and guide to arm yourself with the knowledge Talion needs to survive in Shadow of War.


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