How to Get a Mount in Shadow of War

Learn how to unlock a Mount and terrorize your foes in Shadow of War.


Like most combat mechanics in Shadow of War, unlocking and gaining access to a Mount is kept behind the Skill tree. If you want to unlock a Mount, you’ll need to have the proper Skills and Upgrades to open the game’s beasts up for you to Dominate and ride. Even then, the Mount system is quite in-depth, and takes a bit of time to fully get your head around. That’s what we’re here for.

How to Unlock a Mount

If you open the Character menu from the pause screen, you will see all the Skills that you can unlock in Shadow of War. These are broken into several trees, with one near the bottom being called Mounted. This branch of the Skill tree comes with the following Skills:

  • Caragor Rider - Dominate and Ride a Broken Caragor
  • Graug Rider - Dominate and Ride a Broken Graug
  • Call Mount - Summon a Dominated Caragor to Your Side
  • Shadow Mount - Instantly Mount a Broken Graug, Caragor or Drake
  • Dragon Rider - Dominate and Ride a Broken Drake

It’s worth noting that each of these Skills come with various Upgrades that you’ll find valuable or useless based on your style of play. You should also know that the Shadow Mount Skill can’t be used on a Drake until you have unlocked the Dragon Rider Skill. However, you can Shadow Mount a Caragor or Graug due to having to unlock those Skills before you get to Shadow Mount.

If you have the appropriate Skill unlocked and activated, you still need to get the Mount to the Broken state before you can ride them. You do this by causing damage, which can be easy or difficult depending on the Mount you’re targeting. Caragors are easy to damage with an Elf-Shot from a distance, while the Graug is a bit more resistant to your attacks. Once Broken, approach the beast and follow the prompts to Mount it. If you can’t find this, pause the game and bring up the Guide to get specific instructions for your platform.

For myself, riding a Caragor was nothing more than a novelty. I enjoy ranged combat and striking my enemies using creative attacks. This strategy centers around Elf-Shot, taking advantage of the Nemesis System and my foe’s Weaknesses. Because of this, I like the Call Mount Skill the most. This allows me to summon either the Caragor, Graug, or Drake, and sick them on my enemies. At minimum this causes a great deal of chaos, and at its best this strategy can be used to clear out an entire Outpost.

Don’t just rush into the Mount Skill tree and go crazy. Consider what play-style you plan to utilize, then use the Mount Skills that make the most sense for that style.

Now that you know how to unlock a Mount, be sure to visit our Shadow of War walkthrough and guide.


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