How to Fast Travel in Shadow of War

Learn how you can fast travel while playing Shadow of War.


Shadow of War is not a small game, and eventually players will want to move around quickly via the fast travel option. Not only is this a quick way of traveling, it’s also a safe one, as the fast travel points in the game tend to be beyond the reach of your enemies. Unfortunately, though, there aren’t a lot of fast travel options, and you’ll need to work to unlock the ones there are if you wish to take advantage.

How to Fast Travel

In our combat and stealth tips guide, we talked about the Haedir briefly. You will find a few Haedir towers in each region. At first, they will not be purified. You must visit them and purify them, using them to find the game’s collectible locations. Once you’ve done this, the Haedir icon on your map will change from an orange to a lighter color, indicating it’s now purified. When a Haedir has been purified, you can then use it to fast travel to that location.

There are also some fast travel locations set up at various mission markers. These are few and far between, but it’s worth noting since you will often need to fast travel to a new region instead of walking. In this case, the first story mission of that region might have a fast travel point for you, although, it’s unlikely to give you good access to the region. That’s what the various Haedir locations are for.

You can use fast travel for more than just moving around, too. When you fast travel to a new location, you’ll find that your Elf-Shot has been replenished. Elf-Shot is the ghostly ammunition that you collect for your bows. The game has different bow types, but Elf-Shot is required to use them all. In fact, it’s one of my go-to attacks in Shadow of War, so I’ll often fast travel a very short distance to gain the high ground and replenish my Elf-Shot.

Now that you know how to fast-travel in Shadow of War, be sure to visit our Shadow of War walkthrough and guide for all Talion’s needs.

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