How to Use Guided Games in Destiny 2

Guided Games are intended to help bring Guardians together in Destiny 2.


In the original Destiny, Guardians were forced to use the deep waters of the internet to try and find other players to assist them with events. Bungie wanted to make this process more seamless for all, and have introduced Guided Games with the update that went live today. Guide Games was previously in beta, but this will be the first exposure for many who logged into Destiny 2 today.

How to Use Guided Games

Guided Games are available for the Raid and the Nightfall in Destiny 2. The system features options for both the Seeker and the Guide. To join a Guided Game, look for an icon next to either the Leviathan Raid or Nightfall. This will prompt you to Select Mode.

Now, if you’re a team of two looking to add a third to your fireteam, you’d choose the option for Guide, and you should be almost instantly matched up with a third Guardian. However, if you are a seeker, you can expect to wait between 10 and 45 minutes, depending on the event that you’re trying to join.

From there, you must agree to the terms set out by Bungie, which are just guidelines to stop folks from being bad fireteam members and trolls. This includes things like making sure you can communicate via a headset, and a reminder that other players may have different methods of completing some activities. It’s common sense and courtesy stuff, really.

In my personal experience with Guided Games, I managed to complete the Nightfall with a team of two skilled Guardians. This was last week, and even though the wait time was listed as 19 minutes, I was in and fighting with my new friends in 10. The experience was quite positive, which I did not expect going in. After it was over, I sent each of them a quick message on the PlayStation Network to show my gratitude.

If you’re a lone Guardian in Destiny 2, be sure to give Guided Games a shot. Not only can you complete events that you probably couldn’t have previously, but you stand a chance at meeting some cool folks and developing a rapport. This will hopefully lead to you becoming the Guide and not the Seeker in the future.

For more help with Destiny 2 beyond Guided Games, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for all your needs.


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