Destiny 2 - Thaviks Nightfall Cheese and Anomaly

Learn how to cheese the Thaviks Nightfall Strike with this anomaly in Destiny 2.


The Nightfall in Destiny 2 is one of the toughest activities that you can participate in. It requires high Power levels, good teamwork, and a whole lot of skill. This week’s Nightfall, however, seems to have a very cool cheese method, which is shooting Thaviks off the wall so that he falls to his death.

Thaviks Nightfall Cheese and Anomaly

As you enter the final boss fight against Thaviks, he’s going to periodically turn invisible and head for the wall. He’ll climb along it until he pops up in a new area, once again attacking members of your fireteam. Normally, Guardians use this time to clear out the Fallen and give themselves a moment to pick up some much-needed ammo, but there’s potentially a better use of your focus here.

In the video we’ve embedded, the player spots Thaviks climbing along the wall and shoots him. This causes the boss to fall off the wall, and a few moments later the Nightfall strike is over. This is a cheese move that will be patched at best, and a one-time anomaly at worst. Bungie won’t allow this to sneak by if it’s something that can be replicated, and right now we’re not sure if it can.

Your Nightfall team will have to decide how they want to approach this. You can either complete the Nightfall as intended, or go for this cheese move and see if it works. If it does work, great, you’ve likely saved yourself some trouble. However, if this was just a one-time anomaly, you’re risking a fireteam wipe that forces you to have to start this week’s Nightfall all over again. Choose wisely, Guardian.

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