How to Unlock a Subclass in Destiny 2

Learn how to unlock an additional subclass in Destiny 2.


Veterans of the original Destiny will recall that they were able to unlock a Subclass through story missions, specifically during the launch of the Taken King. This has changed in Destiny 2, and the ability to unlock a Subclass has been shifted to random drops once you reach the appropriate level.

How to Unlock a Subclass in Destiny 2

As you play through Destiny 2, you’re bound to come across plenty of chests that you can open. If you are the appropriate level, you have a chance to get a random Subclass Relic, such as the Hunter Relic, Titan Relic or Warlock Relic.

Expect a Subclass Relic to drop at the following levels:

  • Subclass #1: Spark Story Mission
  • Subclass #2: Level 7
  • Subclass #3: Level 14

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Charge the Subclass Relic

Now that you have the Hunter Relic, Warlock Relic or Titan Relic, you’ll need to charge it. This is done by killing anything in the game, regardless of whether it’s PvP or PvE. Public Events will accelerate the process. Open your character and hover your cursor over the Subclass Relic at any time to view your current progress. Once the progress bar is full you have a mission to complete.

Shard of the Traveler

Head to Orbit and open the Director. You will need to choose Earth, and then look for a Subclass Quest called Shard of the Traveler. This is a single player only quest, so you can’t bring friends with you for help.

When you begin, move forward through the forest. You can stop to listen to the story told by the holograms of various characters, or just run and pass through the portals. Eventually, this will bring you to a Shard of the Traveler. Approach the Shard of the Traveler and interact, triggering a short cut scene that sees you unlock your new Subclass.

Take note of the pools of Boundless Light in the area. As you enter them you’ll almost instantly charge your Super Ability. Trigger your Super Ability and use it to defeat the waves of enemies coming in. If one pool of Boundless Light disappears, just move to another. Continue to do this until you’ve defeated all the waves and the mission is complete. You can now use your newly unlocked Subclass for any activity.

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