Destiny 2 - Sentry 4 Required on The Farm

Learn how to get Sentry 4 near the fireplace on the Farm.


Destiny 2, like the original, is expected to be loaded with secrets for Guardians to uncover as they make their way through the game. One of them has already been discovered, and takes place at the new Destiny 2 social space, the Farm.

Sentry 4 Required

As Guardians approach the fireplace near the river they will be greeted with a message that says it requires Sentry 4. Obtaining Sentry 4 will require you to visit two locations at the Farm, then complete an obstacle, and is sure to frustrate those who hate jumping puzzles.

Before you can begin the Sentry 4 Scouting Patrol, you’ll need to complete a couple of tasks around the Farm.

  • Get to the roof of the building where you find Hawthorne
  • Head to the water wheel and climb to the top of it
  • Walk along the water wheel to get Sentry 4

Return to the fireplace by the river with the Sentry 4 buff. You can now begin the Scouting Patrol that will take you around the Farm on a time trial. Complete the course by passing through all nine beams of light. The approximate path is as follows:

  • Behind the fireplace building
  • Onto the roof by the fireplace
  • Over to the mill
  • Down to the bridge
  • Into the building near Hawthorne
  • Out to the spawning area
  • Down to the pier

If you’re successful, you’ll get to see how quickly you completed the time trial. If you die from fall damage before you complete it, you’ll have to start over and repeat the steps to get Sentry 4 one more time. If another player in your instance has completed this task already, you’ll benefit from them having the Scouting Commander Buff. If you were the first of your instance to finish the course, you’ll receive the Scouting Commander Buff that will assist other players.

If this was the first time you made your way to the Farm, make sure that you’re speaking to Hawthorne to get the Red War quest that leads to getting your Abilities back. You should also visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide hub, where you’ll find information on other activities similar to Sentry 4.

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