How to Get the Destiny 2 Companion App

Stay up-to-date with Bungie's latest MMO shooter using the Destiny 2 companion app for iOS and Android devices, as well as desktop and notebook computers.


Ahead of Destiny 2's launch on Xbox One and PS4 on September 6, Bungie has rolled out updates to its Destiny Companion App. The app is a one-stop source of Destiny 2 information tailored to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop and notebook computers. This guide explains how to get the companion app and runs down the information it offers.

How to Get the Destiny 2 Companion App

The latest version of the Destiny 2 Companion App is always available on Apple's iOS/iTunes Store as well as Google Play for Android users. Click either link to open up the app's store page and get all the latest updates to the app including screenshots, user reviews, and information directly from Bungie on what's new in the newest version.

PC and Mac users can use the companion app on their computers by visiting and clicking the appropriate link. Bungie has said that both the app and Web experience will have some feature parity, but it's focusing its efforts on the app. If you've got a smartphone or tablet—or both—stick to the app for the best product experience.                                 

What is the Destiny 2 Companion App?

Bungie defines the app as an "experience" tailored to smartphones, tablets, and computers. The app spans five categories:

  • Explore. You'll visit the Explore page of the Destiny 2 Companion App each time you load the application. Here, you'll find news articles, blogs, patch notes, and a breakdown of upcoming in-game and community events.
  • Clans. This slice of the app keeps track of your clan's (the team of friendly players to which you belong) activities. If you don't belong to a clan, you can search for groups here.
  • Progress. How deep are you in Destiny 2's wide array of missions? What should you do next. The Progress section will tell you all that and more.
  • Gear. Show off your characters, see what they're wearing, and get info on the weapons they're packing. You can tinker with your character by moving and equipping gear.
  • Find a Fireteam. In need of fast friends for an in-game activity? Fireteams can be found in this section. 

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