Will the CoD WW2 Beta Be Open?

Is there going to be an open beta for CoD WW2?


CoD WW2 has already had a closed PS4 exclusive beta. It’s currently in the middle of a CoD WW2 closed beta for PS4 and Xbox One players that dropped a pre-order. However, those who haven’t pre-purchased the game are wondering if the CoD WW2 beta will be open at any time. The answer, I’m afraid, might not be what you’re hoping to hear.

Will the CoD WW2 Beta Be Open?

As of right now, neither Sledgehammer Games or Activision has indicated there will be an open beta for CoD WW2. However, I’m remaining optimistic for a few reasons.

Keep in mind that last year, Treyarch didn’t announce an open beta. Well, not until near the end of the closed beta, at which point they opened the event up to all gamers. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this is the direction that Sledgehammer Games goes this year as well. My advice to you is to stay tuned to the CoD WW2 Twitter account for any announcements.

Even if they don’t open the CoD WW2 beta up in the next few days, though, all hope is not lost. We’re only at September 1, leaving more than two months to go before the game releases. It is well within the realm of possibility that Sledgehammer Games is already planning an open beta for CoD WW2, but simply has not announced it yet. That’s not a guarantee, but hope is a lot better than confirmed doom.

For more details on CoD WW2, consider checking in with the CoD WW2 beta homepage. You should find any confirmed details there, just in case you found this article after the information changed. You can also visit the Shacknews CoD WW2 hub, full of news, guides and features for everything you need to know about CoD WW2.


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