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Nintendo Reveals A Shovel Knight Triple Threat Amiibo Set

The King, Plague, and Specter Knights will be bringing some exclusive features to Shovel Knight: King of Cards on Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo’s Nindies showcase introduced current and potential Nintendo Switch owners to a diverse collection of indie games that they’ll be playing in the near future. There were scatterings of surprises but one of the usual suspects, Shovel Knight, is getting some amiibo support to go along with its upcoming game King of Cards.

At Nindies@Night in Seattle, fans were treated to the announcement that three unique Knights are getting an amiibo release. King Knight, Plague Knight, and Specter Knight will be representing the Shovel Knight series and bring exclusive armor sets, challenge stages, and fair companions to those that use them while playing the game.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards is the last campaign in the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove saga and is slated for release on the Nintendo Switch in early 2018. Nindies also kicked the door open on some other indie games coming to the switch. From the lesser known dance battle experience Floor Kids to the Switch exclusive sequel to No More Heroes, there's something for everyone coming to the Switch.

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